Friday, August 24, 2012

My Summer Vacation: Overnight in Helena, MT

After we left Missoula, MT we headed to our friends' house in Helena, MT. My husband went to high school with Kristin, and I have had the extreme privilege of meeting her, her husband and their two daughters a few years ago.

When we arrived at their house we were greeted with hugs, a tour, snacks and cold drinks. Ahhhh. Immediately we all fell in to conversation and the girls figured out how to play together. Kristin's daughters, Willa and Hazel, are both one year younger than my daughters. The littlest two were the outgoing ones who immediately connected, while the older girls, a bit more shy and introverted, took a bit to get comfortable with the idea of playing together. It was very cool to see how alike the pairs of girls were! Also, it just occurred to me how all of these girls have adorable old lady names. Awwwww.  

Kristin's husband, also named Matt, grilled burgers for dinner and they were served up with delicious sides on a picnic table in their backyard. After dinner we embarked on a walk to the capitol building. It is such an interesting building, situated right in the middle of a neighborhood! The girls ran in every direction, climbing the steps and sliding down, playing and laughing. On the walk home we discovered a line of sprinklers and the girls were mostly drenched by the time we got back to the house.

Montana capitol building, complete with Matt and his dog Truman running across the lawn. 
Little girls play on giant steps.
A statue of a famous soldier, whose name escapes me and I am too lazy to look up. 
Little girls posing.
Joined by a big girl.
This is possibly my favorite picture of all time. L-R: Hazel, Eloise and Willa. 
All the girlies! L-R: Willa, Eloise, Hazel and Iris.
View looking north from the capitol building. 
We (heart) Montana! That moon was huge and spectacular in real life. Not so much on film.
Totally blurry, but the girls had fun running through this!
The next morning Kristin gave me a running tour of the downtown area and around where they live. The altitude killed me, but the town is so adorable and the views were unbeatable. After running, eating breakfast (crepes courtesy of Kristin!) and cleaning up, we walked back downtown and dropped Kristin off for an appointment while Matt (my Matt-- Kristin's Matt was at work) and I played with all of the girls and explored a little more. We all met back up for lunch at Taco Del Sol. YUM. A hot walk back to the house and we needed to shove off and get back on the road!

Kristin, carrying Hazel, Willa and Matt, carrying Eloise.
We had such a nice time with Kristin's family. They are all so kind, warm, and funny and made us all immediately feel at home in their home. Matt and the girls and I also just loved Helena. It is a beautiful, relaxed town surrounded by hills. We weren't happy about leaving, but are excited to some day go back now that we know how "easy" the drive is!

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