Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Summer Vacation: South Dakota

We woke up in Spearfish, SD and got ready to get on the road and head towards the one sight-seeing adventure we had planned for the whole darn trip: Mt. Rushmore. The drive from Spearfish to Mt. Rushmore winds through the Black Hills and you pass through Deadwood on your way. Deadwood, like the show! Of course, the city really seems to play up that aspect of the town and while very cool, it is also a little gimmicky. 

Not sure what was up with my phone camera, but here we are driving through Deadwood, SD. 

Since the Sturgis bike rally was happening right after we went through the area there were a lot of Harleys on the road. It was pretty neat to see them all! 

When we got to Mt. Rushmore it was, well, a very large and looming rock with giant faces carved in the side. We didn't have time to stay very long, but honestly, there really wasn't that much to do there so it worked out well for a quick visit.

The pathway up to viewing platform was lined with flags from each state of the nation. 

Washinton, the 42nd state!

The pillow pets even got to see Mt. Rushmore. 

This picture kind of cracked me up.
Here is Iris getting in to her Girls Rock Math shirt so we can take a photo for them. 

After we left Mt. Rushmore we headed to Rapid City, SD and got back on I-90. Our next stop was Wall Drug! I had been to Wall Drug in 2001, when I was moving out to Seattle, but I knew that Matt and the girls had to see it for themselves. Wall Drug is so very strange. We shopped, looked around, ate lunch and got some candy before jumping back in the car.

Jackalopes, anyone?

Got their mean poker faces on. Eloise is holding pretend cards.

Picking out salt water taffy. Which she later ditched in favor of something else. 

I stood in the middle of the street for this shot! The things I do! 

Yes, we HAD to buy the girls (fake) coon skin caps! Best purchase ever. 

Not sure what is up here, but I love these guys! 

After we left Wall, SD (yes, Wall Drug is in Wall, SD) it was a very, very long and very, very boring drive to our stop for the night in Albert Lea, MN. We stopped and had terrible Chinese food somewhere and didn't make it to the hotel until well past bedtime. The one amazing part of this drive was a gorgeous full moon rising over Minnesota as we drove east. I wished I had had my big camera on me to get a photo, but you'll just have to take my word for it that it was spectacular.  

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