Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Summer Vacation: Travelling on Day One

We left Seattle early on a Sunday morning, setting out to spend our first night in Helena, MT with friends. The drive was entirely un-eventful (which is a very good thing, we came to find out!).

Day one driving map.

The first stop was a rest area about three hours in to the trip. Just over an hour later we had lunch in Spokane, WA. The next stop was for gas and a leg stretch in (I think) Wallace, ID. In Idaho Matt and the girls briefly explored an old mining exhibit while I gassed up the ol' car. 

After that stop we barreled through to Missoula, MT. I adore Missoula, having spent some time there in the late 90's. We only stopped to play briefly at a park before heading in to town. Along the way we spotted a sign for a historic carousel, which seemed like a must-see. We weren't disappointed! The girls each rode for 75 cents each. Yes, I was amazed. Being that I am from Seattle, it's amazing to be able to do anything for under a few bucks! After the carousel it was back in the car for a windy and hilly drive northeast to Helena. 

View at the first rest stop.
Monkeying around at the rest stop.

Playing on the lawn. Trip exhaustion had not yet set in.
Playground #1 in Missoula, MT.
Resting under a tree on a VERY warm day!
Eloise exploring playground #2, officially called Dragon Hollow.
This one was a wee bit more impressive than playground #1. 
Standing in front of A Carousel for Missoula. 
After we left Missoula it was time to head towards our stop for the night, our friends' house in Helena, MT. 

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