Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Running wild: weekly re-cap (and an unveiling!)

HI! So first things first. Have you noticed any changes??? I am away on vacation and while I have been gone my new blog design and name has been unveiled! Welcome to Sybil Runs Things! The design is by 733 Design. I have a couple of small things to add to the blog, which will come in a week or so. I also have a ton of posts and updates and photos!

Since I wanted to just make this a quick post, I figured I could write about the "training" I have been doing while away. Some good stuff, some annoying stuff.

Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten in a moderate amount of workouts.

July 30- August 5th

Total Miles Run: 12.3

Monday: 3.2 miles

I ran in Helena, MT with the friend we were staying with. The altitude kicked my butt, but we still had a lot of fun!

Tuesday: 1.6 miles

I did a little treadmill and some elliptical at the hotel's fitness center in Bozeman, MT.

Wednesday: rest/off

Okay, I swear I did something this day, but I didn't have it on Dailymile, so I can't say for sure! Oh, well.

Thursday: 3.2 miles

A little treadmill in the fitness center in Spearfish, SD.

Friday: rest/off

Saturday: 4.3 miles

On my mom's treadmill.

Sunday: rest/off

August 6th- August 12th

Total Miles Run: 18

Monday: 5 miles

I met a new friend in the same town my parents live in and she showed me a great running route. We ran on asphalt, sand along the beach of Lake Michigan, on boardwalks, up stairs and then on gravel/dirt trails. It was so beautiful and challenging! And my longest run in a loooong time.

Tuesday: rest/off

Wednesday: bootcamp

Joined my friend for a bootcamp session with a couple of other gals. It was so hard but yet so much fun! We worked out at the same park where we ran on Monday, so sand/boardwalk/stairs all were incorporated.

Thursday: 6 miles

Woo hoo! All on the treadmill! It was super hard. Glad I had the first episode of season two of Walking Dead to entertain me.

Friday: 7 miles

A long run in the rain with my friend. My week was full of "my longest run in a long time!" and this was the highlight of the week. I was so glad I was able to pull out seven miles with very, very little knee pain. Just a bit of soreness. This was also my longest run in my Brooks' Pure Cadence. Love those shoes!

Saturday: rest/off

Sunday: rest/off

Until next week!


  1. It is soooooo cute!!! I LOVE IT. I want to do this. :) I think your new name is so clever and very you. Congrats! Also, yay! for your pain free long runs! That must have felt good.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I love it, too. So glad to finally change things around here to better reflect this stage of my life!

  2. I love my Brooks Cadence shoes too! I look forward to following your blog! :-)


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