Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Running Related Personal Questions

I was reading the Another Mother Runner blog last night and found that Sarah and Dimity had put up a "10 Running Related Personal Questions" post and asked other mama bloggers to follow suit. Don't mind if I do!

This would be a fun time to share this awesome photo of all the tall gals at the Another Mother Runner house party in June.
I am in purple, between Tall Mom on the Run and Dimity. Photo by Kristy Harrison of Full Heart Photography.

Q1: Best Run Ever

For me this would be my first ever half marathon, the Heroes Half, which I ran at the end of April. Everything about my training leading up to that half was perfect. I was strong and prepared and ready to run that day and felt amazing the entire time. I even blew my "A" goal out of the water.  

This picture shows: my best run ever,
my go-to running outfit,
and my badass mother runner moment all in one! 

Q2: Three Words That Describe My Running

Necessary, fun, and (right now) frustrating

Q3: My Go-To Running Outfit Is . . .

Lately it is Nike Tempo shorts and a Nike tech tee. If the run is long enough (say, 7 or more miles) I will wear my Run Love compression socks (in black), but it's been a while since I was able to run that long. My new favorite shoes are my Brooks Pure Cadence, but before those it was my Brooks Adrenalines. On my head lately I am typically wearing a RazzyRoo headband, but for a very, very long time I wore either a navy Detroit Tigers baseball cap or a pink Seattle Supersonics baseball cap. 

Q4: Quirky Habit While Running

I am always catching my feet on the ground, like I am about to trip (every once in a while I do trip and have to stop myself from splatting all over the pavement). I guess one of the many things I have to work on is picking my feet up! 

Q5: Morning, Midday, Evening

I run at all times of day and have zero preference. On the weekend I often meet my running besties in the morning, but left to my own devices I don't get out of bed early to run. Now that my kids are in school mid-day runs are my favorite. I run in the evening when I go to my intervals class, but I don't run alone at night. 

Q6: I Won't Run Outside When It's . . .

Hot. To me, over 70* is too hot for a run! 

Q7: Worst Injury, and How I Got Over It

My worst injury is what I am battling now, my IT band. I am not over it, but I am getting through it by doing A LOT of different things. I have changed my running form, gotten new shoes, and I am doing glute exercises and stretches, icing, rolling, taping and changing my running routine. My PT says I am making good progress. I am not so sure. 

Q8: I Felt Most Like a Badass Mother Runner When . . .

This is a toss-up: I was a total badass when I blew my goal out of the water at my first half marathon and then crossed the finish line holding hands with my five year old. I was maybe even more of a badass pacing a male friend who is 7 years my junior to a 1:55 half marathon at the Seattle Rock-n-Roll. 

Q9: Next Race Is . . .

I think it's going to be the Snohomish River Run 10K, though it's going to be painful (figuratively speaking, hopefully not literally) racing a 10K and watching all the half marathoners continue on. 

Q10: Potential Goal For 2013

No question, it is to do the marathon I can't do this October. You hear that 26.2? I am coming for you!

Have you answered the Another Mother Runner 10 questions? Let me know! 


  1. Sybil - I love your #1. Truly sums it all up, particularly with your little one coming along with you. Beautiful! As for #9, maybe we can be gimps together? I'll be running it with my plantar fasciitis.

    1. Thank you! It would be an honor to be a gimp with you, mama :)


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