Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Summer Vacation: Eloise's Birthday!

While we were in Michigan Miss Eloise turned 6! I know I say this every year, but how in the world did this happen?!?! 

The birthday celebrating spread out over several days this year. Her (paternal) Grandma and Great-Grandma sent her gifts in the mail a few days early: 

Then the day before her big day we had a little gathering and gift exchange with our good friends who both have August birthdays, as well. On Eloise's actual birthday it was time to ramp up the fun just a bit! 

Her Grandma gave her (and her sister) a hula girl outfit (that my mom and I picked out when we were on Marco Island in April!):

Her Grandma made pancake/fruit/whipped cream skewers for breakfast:

Eloise opened some birthday gifts:

Including some red metal ants!:

After breakfast it was time to feed Grandma and Grandpa's koi:

And THEN it was time for the big fun! Eloise wanted ride bumper cars on her birthday, so, long story short, we decided to go to a place called Craig's Cruisers, where they had bumper boats (close enough). It turned out the big hit of Craig's Cruisers wasn't the bumper boats, it was the go karts!

Even though Eloise was big enough to drive the regular go karts, she felt more comfortable in the little ones. This may be the first time ever that Eloise chose the "safer" route.

Iris, however, jumped at the chance to drive a big go kart. Who are these kids?! Iris did awesome! We rode the big karts two times.

Eloise was a perfect co-pilot for me. We laughed a lot and had a blast! 

On the way back from the go kart place we had to get whatever Eloise wanted for lunch, which was McDonald's. Blech. It made her happy, though! After lunch is was time for the last adventure of the day, a new movie opened on her birthday: 

I think it's safe to say that Eloise had a sixth birthday she won't ever forget! 

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