Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hold on to your hats, I meant it when I said random!

The past couple of weeks I have been doing the stay at home mom thing . . . with my kids in school full time. I won't lie, while I still do my fair share of toilet scrubbing, dish doing and laundry sorting, I also have a lot of free time. In my free time I do all kinds of things, like shopping, running, going to appointments, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes (ahem). You know what else I do when I am home so much? EAT. My goodness, there is nothing worse for weight control than just being at home and not having anything specific planned to keep me busy. I just eat. And shop for food. And eat some more. 

You know what else I have been indulging in during my time at home? Dawson's Creek. Yes, really. I just finished the entire series. Having an iPad makes it handy to literally carry my show around with me while I do my chores and eat my lunch and, well, do just about everything. I didn't remember much about the series before I started re-watching it, though I did remember how it ended. Turns out a lot of the show was kind of terrible, but holy cow was I boo-hooing over the series finale! Geez, crazy sad.

The fun at home won't last forever, though, and I am starting to add some more responsibility to my schedule. This week I started volunteering at the girls' school. One morning a week I volunteer in Iris's classroom and one afternoon a week I volunteer in Eloise's classroom. My new very part-time job will start next Friday, as well. 

One of my very favorite things about this school year so far is the school bus. I know, weird, right? My girls have never ridden a school bus before and I made the decision to let them ride it with great hesitation. They don't need to ride it, I can easily get them to school on foot or by car, but they begged and I relented. Turns out, it is so awesome and easy. And the girls love it. 

Iris has recently started Girls on the Run and she really is enjoying it. It is all very girl power, rah rah rah, which is great for her. Especially being at a new school, I think it will help her feel even more settled. So far Iris seems to like school, so I am super grateful for that. Almost four full weeks of school and she hasn't insisted that she hates it even once. Success! 

Two weekends ago we went to the farmer's market because they were holding their annual zucchini car races. Last year we built great cars, this year, well, the cars kind of sucked. Iris got really mad because her car would barely even make it to the bottom of the ramp, let alone win. Ah, well. zucchini cars are fickle beings! 

Last weekend two wonderful things happened: Eloise learned to ride her bike without training wheels and Iris got a new big girl bike. I was sort of surprised that it took Eloise so long to learn, because she tends to be more physically advanced in things like climbing, swimming, etc. But she did NOT want to ride her bike without training wheels. A couple of weeks ago we had her bike fixed up at a local bike shop, added some streamers and a basket and she was excited about her bike again and after some practice, finally figured it out. Then she crashed and scraped her knee and that sucked, but didn't deter her spirit. I spent all afternoon last Sunday bike shopping for Iris. Bike shopping for kids is not fun at all. Your choices are crappy relatively-decent priced department store bikes or super expensive bike shop bikes. Well, you also have the choice of a used nicer bike, if/when you can get your hands on one. But long story short, we needed a bike that day, and couldn't find anything used. Matt and I don't own bikes and bristled at the idea of spending an insane amount of money on a bike for a kid that would tool around the neighborhood once in a while. In the end, though, that was the choice we made. We knew it would last longer, be able to passed down to Eloise and then, hopefully, be able to be re-sold. It made the overall cost much easier to swallow and I felt better about it than a bike from Target. 

Eloise already needs a bigger bike, but I am going to take my time to find her a good used bike. Mama's broke! 

Riding bikes has become so much fun, the girls and I have taken two after-school bike rides (well, they ride, I walk the dog) to a local park. The girls enjoyed conquering a small rock climbing wall when we got there.

So that's what's going on here. What's up in your neck of the woods? Any other good shows on Netflix to move on to? 

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