Sunday, September 30, 2012

Running Wild: September in Review

I am pretty proud of this month's training schedule:

I did every single workout I had planned! This picture shows my favorite way of making a training schedule. I start by printing out a blank calendar and then pulling up the training plan I am following, which currently is the Train Like a Mother 10K Finish It plan, then I adjust the days of the plan to fit my schedule and write everything in (in pencil, I tend to make a lot of changes). It is a wee bit complicated because I can't run two days in a row, I need two rest days and I generally have one day of elliptical and one day of cross-training every week. Right now I am only running three days a week, and am counting my elliptical day as a running day, it replaces what would be the lowest mileage day of running on the TLAM plan. 

You can see that I am doing massage and PT appointments on an every-other week basis. I have an amazing massage therapist whom I just adore and I typically do a 30 minute massage, focusing on my legs, one appointment, then a full body massage the next. If you need a recommendation for an amazing PT or massage therapist in Seattle, let me know and I would be happy to pass along their info.

Even though my IT band issues aren't healing as quickly as I or my PT would like them to, this plan is keeping me 100% pain-free while I am working out. I still have occasional achiness in my knee, but only at rest, like when I am lying in bed or sitting at the computer. 

Next month I am incorporating Hal Higdon's Half-Marathon Novice One plan in to my TLAM plan in hopes that it will help me simply complete the Seattle Half Marathon at the end of November. I picked the HH plan because I wanted to do the absolute bare minimum required to get me to the start line of that race. TLAM's Half Marathon Finish It plan would have me doing three runs 10 miles or over and I just don't know that I am ready to tackle that yet. I won't lie to you, though, I honestly could care less if I run that race. I have zero plans to race it, the weather will be lousy, the hills will be brutal, and I paid next to nothing for my entry. What I DO care about right now is being able to get my mileage up a bit. It would give me a huge boost of confidence to get through November and hit 10 miles for my longest training run and then do a half marathon. 

If I can get through November pain-free then I am kinda sorta interested in trying my hand at more trail running and even potentially a trail race.

The weather has been so interesting in Seattle. It is just gorgeous and perfect for running. No rain and mild temperatures are spoiling us! I have never minded the rain, however, so I am a little excited for it to return. I feel like I haven't seen rain in Seattle in months. Months! It's crazy! 

Well, onward and upward in to October! The most exciting that will happen in October is that I am going to have a birthday that will bump me up in to the next age group for races. Ha! 

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