Monday, September 10, 2012

Running Wild: Weekly Re-cap

This was my first official week of my 10K training plan. I know, I know, it's a far cry from a full marathon training plan, but it's just where I'm at right now. I don't really need a 10K training plan, but I feel like I do best following a schedule and I actually really enjoy it. I ended my week by running a 10K race (not the one I am officially training for) so I'm not quite following the plan exactly! I have to say, I am kind of loving the lower miles and, subsequently, the lower stress (on my body AND my mind!). My IT band is still definitely an issue, but running these lower miles means it isn't painful every single run any more. 

Total miles: 13.2

Monday: cross-train

I did 45 mins of the elliptical at the gym.

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 4 miles

This was a fun intervals workout. I did a 10 min warm-up then 4x4 min intervals in "zone 3" with a 3 min rest between each interval. Ended with a 10 min cool-down. I still don't know exactly what "zone 3" is according to my plan, so I just ran them at about an "8" on my RPE scale (Rate of Perceived Exertion). 

Thursday: bootcamp

It was an okay workout. Lots of squats/lunges and upper body work. Not enough abs. BUT when I tried to hold a side plank at the end of the workout my arm shook so badly I had to come out of it! 

Friday: 3 miles

It was an easy 3 miles on the schedule but I threw in a 1/2 mile hill. 

Saturday: rest

I saw a substitute physical therapist this day and she was awesome. I really, really love my PT, but it was great to work with someone who was so darn smart and had such great insight from a little different angle. She was teaching me how to use my glutes when I run. Apparently I don't currently use my glutes much at all (and apparently this isn't that uncommon in runners!) so I am now practicing 10 mins every day making my glutes work. Ahem. 

Sunday: 6.2 miles

I ran the Athleta Iron Girl 10K with my friend for her fortieth birthday and we had a blast! My friend lives in Canada and hadn't seen each other since our St. Paddy's Day 10K. It had been a while since I raced a 10K and while we knew we wouldn't particularly push it on this race, we still wanted to work hard. We spent the whole race chatting and catching up and managed to run the race 2 mins faster than the last fun 10K we did together! The competitive nature in me thought "darn, if the crowd hadn't been so thick at the start and we pushed ourselves a teeny bit more, we could have gotten my friend a 10K PR!" I really enjoyed this race, though, and I will definitely run it again. 

Side note: Athleta is opening a new store in Seattle on Tuesday! So excited, I always wished Seattle would have an Athleta. 

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