Monday, September 03, 2012

Running Wild: Weekly Re-cap

This past week has been an effort in trying to get back in to a some semblance of a routine, which was, shall I say, difficult. I have been home with both girls all week, so it was tricky to find time to get out for exercise. I ended up going to both my intervals class and bootcamp class this week, as well.

Total miles run: 10.1

Monday: rest

I did 5.5 speedier miles on Sunday, so I took a rest day on Monday. 

Tuesday: 2 miles at intervals class

We did a bunch of warm-ups, like squats, lunges and push-ups and laps on the track. Since our work-out was 400s I think she made the warm-up longer to make up the time. It was a killer! My thighs hurt for two days after all of those squats. I only ran 4 400s, trying to ease my way back in to the track. My splits were okay, better than I thought they would be after all the time away. They started in the 1:50s and then went down to 1:38 for the last 400. We cooled-down with running the stairs and two more laps. 

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: bootcamp

Nothing too exciting, but it was nice to be back to bootcamp again! One bizarre thing about me is that I LOATHE running in bootcamp. We did the class at the track and at the end of the workout we ran laps and I did NOT want to run! 

Friday: 3.1 miles

I have been reading a little bit about training with the heart rate monitor so I decided to dust mine off and clip it on for this run. I got my Garmin Forerunner 110 for Christmas and only used the HR monitor a few times. Each time it would read just fine and then randomly start reading extremely high, like over 100 bpm higher than what my heart was actually doing. Obviously a HR monitor that doesn't precisely monitor the HR isn't terribly helpful, so I haven't worn it since. I calculated my resting and max HR using the 208 - age x .7 method and came up with 183 as my max. My resting HR that morning was 66, so using those two numbers I found the following (side note, the method I used wasn't as simple as figuring 90% of max HR):

60% (light effort) 140 bpm
70% (moderate) 152 bpm
80% (hard) 164 bpm
90% (max) 177 bpm

I have read that people who start HR training often find that they have to run easy runs MUCH slower than they were accustom to. So a 3 mile run I might usually do closer to a 9:00/mile pace, but on this day I ran just over a 10:00/mile pace and my HR average was 156, max of 171. I did stop to walk a couple of times to get it back down, as well. It should have been more in the 140-152 range. I am definitely interested in learning more about HR training and how it can help me become a better runner . . . which apparently means by slowing down some! Who knew?!

Saturday: rest

On Friday my PT told me to not run two or more days in a row and I didn't make time to go to the gym, so it was another rest day. 

Sunday: 5 miles

I was so happy to meet up with my two running besties for the first time in a looooong time (mostly due to my vacation in Michigan). They both had eight miles to run, so I joined them for the last five, which was all my knee would tolerate. We had a great run and the weather was perfect: low 50's and sunny. I wore my HR monitor again but this time it did that lovely thing where it started reading really high again when my bpm's weren't that high. Ugh.

So, you can see those three high peaks, my heart wasn't really doing that. At the end of the run I looked down and my HR monitor was reading in the 270s, which it isn't even showing on this chart. What is up with that? Besides the wacky stuff, my HR was still too high, according the HR training, for the run I did. I chatted easily the entire run and did just over 10:00/miles and my HR was still high. I am very curious about wearing my monitor to intervals class, or on faster runs, to see what happens. In intervals class we run according to our "RPE", which is Rate of Perceived Exertion. Each lap is somewhere between 7-9, sometimes even a 10 for the very last 400. I feel like RPE works really well for me, but so far it doesn't seem to coordinate with my HR. I would have considered my RPE today to be maybe 6 (or about 60%), but my HR says I was giving it a moderate-hard effort (70-80%).

I will keep working on it, something fun to focus on while I'm still injured, anyways.

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