Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2012 is finally in the bag. The past two years we have gone to the girls' aunt and uncle's 'hood to trick-or-treat on Halloween night and that is about it. This year I wasn't terribly excited about making the trek across town and so we decided to do a TorT at area businesses on Friday night and then attend a neighborhood Harvest Festival/TorT thing on Sunday. Tonight we stayed in.

Eloise chose her costume a while ago and it turned out okay. She wanted to be a race car driver and so I bought the costume on ebay and then she and I made her race car. The race car took about two hours to make. She wore it for maybe ten minutes.

Iris's costume was a little more of a dud this year. She didn't decide on what she wanted to be until about 10 days out from TorTing, and she wanted to be a cowgirl. It was an awesome idea for a costume, but it proved impossible to find cost-effective cowgirl boots. Then I basically decided for her to wear a Chinese dress a friend brought her from Hong Kong. I bought her a hat and slippers to go with it. When she tries the dress on, it doesn't fit. Gee, it did last time (dummy me for not having her try it on again before I bought accessories!). Can't return the hat and slippers. So plan C was go to Target and find something. We settled on butterfly wings. The stupid thing is that for the amount of money (and time!) I wasted on the butterfly wings and the slippers/Chinese hat I could have just bought her new cowboy boots! I didn't tell her that. Nor did I tell her I discovered that the Monster High costumes were on sale at Rite Aid, after we bought the other stuff. UGH. She would have loved to have been a MH girl. So, we spent a lot of money and in the end had an uninspired costume. Next year? We decide MUCH earlier so we can work out the first choice costume! 

Of course, the girls both looked adorable as always: 

TorTing in the business district was a lot of fun. We met up with some good friends and the girls got a ton of candy in about an hour. We all went out for dinner afterwards and it was a great alternative to Halloween night TorTing for us. 

Last year and the year before we did the "Halloween Fairy" where the girls could leave their candy bucket out and the Halloween Fairy would take it and replace the candy with a toy. Two years ago both girls were happy to do it. Last year Iris did it and Eloise didn't. I was a little stumped, because the whole point was to get rid of the candy, and Eloise didn't take the bait! This year I offered them cold, hard cash for the candy. Yet again, Iris took it and Eloise didn't. Since we went TorTing a bit again at the Harvest Festival on Sunday afternoon we told the girls upfront that they had two choices: don't TorT, or if you do, you have to sell us your candy. Iris was amenable to the idea, Eloise agreed at first and then, post TorTing, freaked out and had a tantrum about not getting to keep her candy. 

I still haven't figured out what the right solution is to the candy thing. Even giving up the vast majority of their candy they still ate a ton! I don't want to make it a lousy experience to have to give up the candy. 

We saved the pumpkin carving for tonight since the girls' pumpkins that were out on our porch were taken and smashed last year on Halloween. We wanted to keep that from happening again and I thought carving pumpkins and sipping hot apple cider would be a fun treat for the night since we weren't heading out. Iris carved hers 100% by herself! She had a little trouble and a few things break, but she did great!

Happy Halloween! 

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