Monday, October 15, 2012

Running Wild: Weekly Re-cap

The highlight of the week was running in San Diego, CA! I didn't get as many miles in as I planned, and had to rest on Tuesday instead of run, because of my busy schedule this week, but the runs I fit in were so much fun.

Total miles: 10.25

Monday: 40 mins elliptical

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 2.25 miles and bootcamp

I met my friend, S, for bootcamp. She came up with the workout and we had a blast! 

Thursday: rest

Friday: 5 miles running plus 4 miles walking

I woke up Friday morning 35 years old. Yep, a new age group, people! In addition to being another year older, I was a few steps from the beach (and an amazing running path) in San Diego. Of course I had to start the year on a high note, so I set out for a run. At first I thought I run 3.5 miles, in honor of my 35th birthday. I ended up going around a big part of Mission Bay and doing exactly 5 miles, instead. I felt strong and kept my overall pace just under 9:30 min/mile. It was hot when I was done!
After breakfast, a shower, and awesome cards from my family it was time to head to the San Diego zoo. I wore my Garmin at the zoo to see how far we would walk and we walked 4 miles! All of the miles, plus the fact that it was my birthday, made it so I didn't feel bad at all for the Mexican food I gorged myself on in Old Town OR the multiple desserts! 

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 3 miles

I woke up and ran right away before I ate anything and that is my absolute least favorite way to run. On that map above, we stayed where the green marker is. If you walked two blocks west you were on the ocean. The ocean had a walkway that stretched along the edge of the beach, so I ran north, then back south to total 3 miles. I ran almost as fast as I did on Friday but felt way worse. It was amazing to people watch, even at 7:30 on a Sunday morning, and check out all of the surfers floating out in the ocean waiting to catch their perfect wave. 

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