Monday, October 22, 2012

Running Wild: Weekly Re-Cap

This week was an experiment in figuring out how to manage my workout schedule now that I have some new commitments. I work Tuesdays and Fridays now, but for the next few weeks I will have time after work Tuesday to fit in a workout. Fridays I would have to do a workout really early or at night to get it done. Wednesdays I do bootcamp with my friend and I usually meet my running buddies for a long run on Sundays, so those days are set in stone. Because I shouldn't be running two days in a row, it's tricky to figure the rest of the schedule out. 

I did two elliptical workouts this week and took only one rest day and that felt pretty good. I do wish I could fit in one more running day, but I can't figure it out, yet. This coming week is only two days of running since I am hoping to set a new PR at the 10K on Saturday, so I eliminated my intervals workout on Tuesday as a teeny bit of a taper. 

Total Miles: 16

Monday: 40 mins elliptical

Tuesday: 4.7 miles

Tuesday was my interval workout. A 10 min warm-up then 8x2 min intervals, each with a 2 min recovery. So I would run hard for 2 mins, walk/jog for 2 minutes, then repeat 7 more times. It was brutal, but I did it!

Wednesday: bootcamp

My friend S and I had another great workout together. My inner thighs were sore for days after all of the squats and lunges! I looked up a few new exercises to add to the routine and found some great ones!

Thursday: 5.3 miles

I decided I would run up a long, steep hill in my 'hood to start off this one. The hill is about 3/4 of a mile, it's a killer!

Friday: rest

Saturday: 45 mins elliptical

Sunday: 6 miles

I ran with my friend Becca and we had a lot of fun just chatting the whole time. My Garmin was dead so I ran without it and I had zero idea of our pace or distance. B thought the route she was taking us on was 5 miles, so I was happy when I found out it was actually 6. My legs were much more tired than usual after the run, not sure what that was about, but I didn't feel injured. 

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