Monday, October 08, 2012

Running Wild: Weekly Re-Cap

A decent week of running under my belt, but a few frustrations as well. See below:

Total miles: 16.7

Monday: 40 mins elliptical

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: bootcamp

My friend, S, and I are going to do our own bootcamp during the day on Wednesdays. I came up with the routine for this one, just a couple of laps of the track, then a circuit of exercises, then snaking up and down the stadium steps, then another circuit before cooling down. I have to admit, the constant talking meant I didn't push myself that hard, but it was a good workout and a great time with my buddy! Now I just need to get some more good ideas for us to vary our workouts. Hmmm.

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: 4.6 miles

This was a random day. I am not really supposed to run two days in a row, but because of my schedule for the week I either needed to run Friday night or Saturday to get the miles in and either day would make a two-in-a-row. I decided on Saturday since Friday was my first day of work and I was pooped when I got home. So, anyways, I talked Iris in to riding her bike with me while I ran. We ran/biked two miles to a park, walked around a bunch at the park, then ran/biked two miles home. I really enjoyed running with my daughter! It made for a very fun workout.

Sunday: 8.1 miles

My longest run since the early July 12-miler when I was in a ton of pain at the end. It felt so damn good to run this far again! I was definitely frustrated that my right hamstring (yes, nice to hear from that hamstring again!) and my left knee were achy at the end. Not painful like it has been in the past, but achy. UGH. I had a massage a few hours after the run and felt a little better. I am getting downright angry about my IT band. Why the hell isn't it getting any better?!

But on to the run. My friend, M, and I ran a brand new route and tried to follow a map off of Unfortunately, the maps on the site aren't super well marked, so we did the best we could and had a lot of fun.

This was the route we ended up running.
We started in the Arboretum and ran north, then east through the Montlake neighborhood and crossed the University Bridge. From there it was east through the UW campus and then south across the Montlake Bridge:

Not my photo of the Montlake Bridge.
After we crossed the Montlake Bridge we ran east again on to trails that lead to a series of footbridges over Marsh and Foster Island.
picture of a footbridge on Marsh Island courtesy of Curtis Crohn's flickr page
This was definitely my favorite part of the run. The bridges were so much fun to maneuver over and the view was incredible! Once we were over the islands we ran south and back through the Arboretum. The arboretum was full of hills. They were tough, but manageable. I wanted to tack on about another mile and a half before heading to the car so we ran a bit through the neighborhood next to the Arboretum and then called it good. It was a spectacular run. I felt so good through the whole thing. We kept a good pace, but had to keep stopping to look at a map I had tucked in my fuel belt. Overall one of my favorite runs ever! 

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  1. I'm glad you got to run long but sorry you still have pain. I tried to find the trails out there in the arboretum a couple weeks ago with Megan F/Daily Sweat but the construction threw us off. Looks lovely!


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