Tuesday, October 30, 2012

San Diego: Part Four

Sunday marked our last day in San Diego. We flew home to dreary Seattle that afternoon. At least we fit in a bunch of fun before it was time to go!

I got up early for a run along the ocean. I was amazed how many people were up and about at 7:30 on a Sunday morning, including a ton of surfers. A quick three miles later and I was back at the cottage for a shower and to finish packing.

Before we left the beach cottage we had to say goodbye to some pieces of sea life the girls had come to well, love, a little too much.

We carried those things around all night on Saturday. Ew.
After saying goodbye to the seaweed, we headed down the street for breakfast. We ate at The Mission. Um, YUM. The food was amazing. The girls split pancakes, eggs and bacon. Matt had Rancheros Verde, which was some amazing yum covered in roasted chile verde sauce, and I had Papas Loco, a pile of rosemary potatoes, black beans, a bit of cheese, some avocado, jalapenos, a tortilla, some scrambled eggs . . . there was so much food it was out of control. My only regret is we ate here on the last day and couldn't bring home our left-overs! 

We liked the artwork.

My breakfast.

After breakfast we loaded up the car and drove north to La Jolla. All I knew about La Jolla is that the "seal beach" was there. I didn't even know how to pronounce La Jolla until Matt told me it was "La Hoya". The short to drive was beautiful. We were super lucky to score a parking spot right across from the Children's Pool Beach (which is what I had heard was the seal beach). Apparently it used to be a great little protected place for kids to swim in the ocean, until the seals and sea lions moved in. You can still legally swim there, but you have to stay away from the seals. It seemed like most people watched from the shore, but a few people went in. My kids were PISSED that we wouldn't let them swim, which was mostly because everything we owned was stuffed in to our suitcases in the car and we hadn't come prepared to swim. 

On the seawall separating the Children's Pool Beach from the ocean.
Children's Pool Beach is to the right.
There were a few seals in there, but I didn't get any great shots of them.
Looking out over the ocean reminded me of Maui. 

After we were done there we walked north along the shore. The palm trees were soooo tall! 
You can see Children's Pool Beach in the middle of this photo. 

Hard to tell, but there were a bunch of seals on this rock.

Found another rock full of seals.

The girls were searching these tide pools for sea urchins and crabs.

After we walked a big more along the shore we headed out to find some souvenir t-shirts and lunch. Didn't find the t-shirts until we got to the San Diego airport (hurray for $5 shirts!) and had a quick lunch at Panera. Nothing fancy. 

We were sad to leave the sun and sand and surf of San Diego. Hopefully we will get to go back some day! 

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