Saturday, October 20, 2012

San Diego: Part One

Last week my family spent four days in sunny San Diego. We had a blast! Matt was down there for work and the girls already had Friday off of school, so we decided to bust out on Thursday and fly down.

The flight down to California was fantastic. Very short and no lay-overs! Clearly I am too used to flying out east, which always takes forever and involves far too many airports for my comfort. 

Mt. Rainier, taken from my phone.
It was such a gloomy morning beneath the clouds in Seattle, but gorgeous above them!

We entertained ourselves for a good half hour laughing at this picture showing
how to exit the plane on the slide in the safety pamphlet . 
We rented a house very close to the bay in Mission Beach and it was the perfect location for what we wanted to do: run (okay, only *I* wanted to run), relax, sit on the beach, eat yummy food and go to the San Diego zoo. The beach house was so-so. I wouldn't rent it again, but it served it's purpose of being a place to sleep and eat and (bonus!) watch cable tv when we were tired. We rented the place from, a website we have had luck with in the past. I think the woman who rents out this house mis-represented it a bit, as it wasn't all that family-friendly (like the dining table only had two chairs at it) and we were also woken before 7:00 am two of our three mornings by construction going on across the street.

On this map of Mission Bay, we stayed just off Mission Blvd very close to the peninsula where Santa Clara Point is. Mission beach is only two blocks wide or so. There is a board walk that extends the length of the entire beach on the ocean side, it's about two miles long. 

When we arrived on Thursday, just before noon, it was raining. Then it wasn't. Then it was. Then it wasn't. The weather was very fickle. I knew the weather was supposed to improve, so I didn't worry too much about it ruining our sunny vacation. Sure enough, by the time we were up to start the day on Friday we never saw another drop of rain on our trip! 
After the rain subsided the girls threw on their swimsuit and we headed straight for the ocean. I have NO idea how my phone camera took this photo, but it ended up being one of my favorites from the entire trip. 
While we played on the beach the first day we discovered it was fairly deserted. It was fun to watch the handful of surfers who were trying to catch a wave, but other than that there wasn't much going on. The water was cold enough for me to not want to swim, but the girls thought it was perfect! Hard to tell in the photo above, but those large waves behind the girls were what the surfers were riding on. They were huge! Luckily the water was very shallow for quite a ways out at the edge and the girls had a lot of room to play without getting sucked under a gigantic wave.

Right after we got back to the beach house it started raining again. And then it stopped. And then this:

We could see this rainbow from the windows of the house we were staying at, but I went
down to the beach to get this shot overlooking Mission Bay. 

After Matt joined us at the beach house I went to Ralph's to pick up some groceries. It is always fun to discover new things in new places, and what I discovered at Ralph's was a flat escalator, so you could take your grocery cart on it down to the parking garage.

We ate sandwiches and had fruit and yogurt for dinner before heading out to walk along the ocean just after the sun set. It was a low-key first night, we had big adventure to rest up for on Friday! 

The girls walked in their jammies, so I had to keep yelling,
"don't get wet! Those are the only jammies I brought for you!" 
It was a beautiful walk along the beach, but kind of crazy, too. Lots of people out and about, walking, riding bikes, hanging out at the houses lining the beach. And this was, at least I was told, the down season! I guess it's always beautiful in San Diego, though! Mission Beach was much more rough than I expected it to be. I expected the whole place to be lined with upscale beach cottages, I guess. Instead there were multi-million dollar houses being built right next to more run-down looking ones. Lots and lots of signs for vacation rentals, as well. Definitely made for fun people, and house, watching!

Stay tuned for more! 

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