Saturday, October 27, 2012

School Pictures

Aw, would ya look at these little monkeys? 

The company that took their school photos let us have the photo downloads for free. I guess that's kind of cool, then I can share them with all of you! 

I am so happy Eloise's signature smile was captured. Who smiles with the middle of their mouth more narrow than the edges? Eloise, that's who! Too cute. And you can see a hint of her first lost tooth, too.

Iris said she felt like a model because the photographer's assistant was helping to primp her and make her look just right. She loved it!

I think we're about 35 days in to the school year. My first post on the subject of school definitely came off as disgruntled, since that was the head space I was in the day I wrote it. Fortunately, it was commentary on a small slice of school life and it didn't reflect our family's overall feelings about how school is going so far. 

Every day I pinch myself, amazed that Iris has not once proclaimed that she hates school and doesn't want to go. Au contraire, she actually looks forward to it. Every single day. When Matt and I made the decision to send Iris to public school our number one hope was that she would like school and be happy. So far? Done and done. Yes, school isn't as challenging as I would like it to be for her, yes, she's still working hard on her social skills . . . but the main thing is that she is happy. She doesn't fight about going to school. She doesn't complain about school at the end of the day. She doesn't fight me over doing her homework, at least not much. She whines a bit, but doesn't freak out like she did when I would do some homeschooling work with her last year. Apparently her teacher told her the class that they can't get angry with their parents about homework. I am so glad the teacher said that! A couple of times Iris caught herself complaining and stopped because she remembered I wasn't the bad guy. Ha! 

One thing that has been going on with Eloise is that I was starting to get very worried about about how "behind" I perceived her to be with her reading and writing. I was comparing her so heavily to her sister, who was reading chapter books like Junie B Jones by this point in her life, that I panicked. Luckily her teacher explained to me that Eloise was well within the normal range of learning to read. After I spent a few days spent in the classroom I realized that yes, she seems to be very middle-of-the-pack when comparing her reading abilities to her peers.

The other night Eloise had a sleepover at our house with her best friend. The girl and Eloise took turns reading a book each from a little stack they had brought home from school. Not sure about the friend, but Eloise mostly has her books memorized, but she is working so hard on it! I feel like any day she will just "get it", which is, well, what happened to Iris. So we'll see. 

Overall, so far so good! This has definitely been our best year, yet, I think, in terms of overall happiness. 

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