Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Top Ten List

I recently realized that, gasp!, I wasn't hating being sidelined as much as I thought I would. There are little things about it that make it like a vacation, if you will. Yes, totally like Hawaii, except, well, not really at all.

So I decided to make a list. (read in your best David Letterman voice)

The Top Ten Things That Don't Suck About 
Being Injured and Not Running

10. Less miles on the shoes=not replacing them as quickly! (wait, that might be a negative . . . )

9. Not heading out for long runs means I am not plowing through my expensive stash of gels every weekend.

8. Getting to talk to incredibly smart professionals about what is going wrong with my body and how to fix it, which I find totally fascinating. I swear I could have stared at the xray of my foot all day! 

7. I don't have to schedule everything around my long run on the weekend and I never, ever have to get up early to exercise.

6. People feel bad for me and like to check in, "how is your foot?"

5. I get to focus on strength exercises. The hardest one? Stand on one leg with my eyes closed for THIRTY SECONDS. Try it. It is really hard. 

4. I get to go to the (warm and dry) gym to do the elliptical more, which means more time watching Bravo!

3. Not running means I am rarely working out outside, which means I am not spending my time either dreading being cold and wet, or actually being cold and wet.

2. Thinking about my "big comeback" and how I will "do everything right". Notice the quotes around that last part. 

1. I don't plan my meals around my runs. I am LOVING this. Eating too close to a run always spells disaster for me. It doesn't matter how close I eat to doing elliptical or strength exercises, I never feel sick! Hooray! 

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