Sunday, November 11, 2012

No Weekly Re-Cap

Since I am not running, I am going to hold off on my re-caps. Reading about miles run is boring enough, reading about hours on the elliptical is coma-inducing. To tell the truth, putting in that time of the elliptical is exactly that, as well. The only saving grace about the gym is getting to watch the tvs while I am there.

I "screwed up" by running once this week. I already knew I was committed to being a running buddy for my daughter's Girls on the Run 5K and we had a practice run this week. Since the girls do all of their practices running as many laps as they please around the field at school, I (wrongly) assumed that is how the practice would go when the buddies were there. Iris isn't super stoked about running and generally bails on many of the laps, so I was feeling confident we could both bail out on the laps during the practice. It didn't work that way, though! The coach marked a 5K loop through the neighborhood that the buddies and girls had to run. Oops! I did the whole thing, but I shouldn't have. I need to find out if I can get Matt to fill in for me during the 5K. 

Other than that, I have been a lot of strength moves and a lot of elliptical. I keep meaning to get to the pool, but honestly, I doubt I will. Swimming is so much work! 

The rest from running is good, though. I think it will be a nice "reset" for me and everything else that has been plaguing me. Maybe my IT band and hamstring will feel even better with the time off? Maybe I can start again very, very slowly and avoid the injuries my next go-round? I would love to be able to aim for another fall marathon if I can. Hopefully by Fall 2013 I will be ready. 

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