Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The One About Being Injured

Oh, wait. That is actually a good title for EVERY SINGLE DAMN POST about running lately. 

Good lord.

So, last Tuesday, a few days after running my awesome 10K, I ran again and discovered a new pain in the top of my foot. It went away by the time I ran again on Thursday, but it came back, and then hung on for a while. I identified the pain was radiating from a particular spot in the top of my foot and knew that was NOT good news. General achiness=probably okay. Pain radiating from a specific point=never okay.

I went to my PT on Friday. She thought it was a stress fracture in my second metatarsal. She couldn't order an xray, so she sent me to my primary care doctor. I love my PCP to death, but she isn't a specialist. She decided I had a Morton's Neuroma AND a bone spur in my heel (my podiatrist later confirmed I had neither). She sent me along to the podiatrist, whom I saw today. He was fan-freakin-tastic. He did his exam and then xrayed the offending foot (my left foot shall henceforth be known as "the offending foot", FYI). He saw a teeny bit of something on my xray where I complained of pain and concluded after all of the evidence that I had the beginnings of a stress fracture. Remedy? Don't do anything that causes me pain (ie, running) and ice twice a day for three weeks then head on back in to see him. 


To be honest, after everything else I have been battling, I am just over it. Of course I have a new injury. Of course. Because the two I already weren't bad enough, right? Because I could still run a little with a bum IT band and a crappy hamstring. I needed something to throw me totally out of the game. 

Of course.

So now I get creative. How does one keep up their level of fitness without any jarring of the feet? Elliptical, bike (though for some reason the PT said "recumbant bike", is that different than a regular bike in terms of healing a stress fracture?) and swimming are all I can think of. I tried to do a Jillian Michael's video at home yesterday and the jumping did my foot in. No jumping jacks. No jump rope. I wish there was something I could do at home, but I own neither an elliptical machine nor a stationary bike (or real bike, for that matter). Or an indoor pool.

The biggest kink in all of this is that my daughter is in Girls on the Run right now. I signed up to be her "running buddy" and that means I go to a practice this week and help run in the end of season 5K on December 1st. Luckily my daughter doesn't, uh, like to run. I anticipate she will do as little walking/running as possible at the practice, but a 5K run is a 5K run. You have to get from the start to the finish. Think there is a wheelchair division? Can she push me to the finish? My podiatrist didn't come out and say "do not run with your daughter" but he did make it pretty clear that if I don't rest it, I will have a bigger problem on my hands.

And you know what? Iris doesn't really want to do the 5K run. So now I am in the position of supporting her in finishing out the season, and telling her how fun it will be, all the while thinking "crap, she doesn't even want to do it, and I shouldn't do it, why are we doing this again?" I know, because you finish what you start, right? I will see the podiatrist a few days before the 5K and he will check out my foot again. I doubt he will officially clear me to be able to do a 5K, but maybe, just maybe, my foot will be "good enough". 

I officially gave up my bib for the Seattle Half Marathon, but I (stupidly) already registered for the Santa Runs Tacoma 10K on December 15th. I thought I learned my lesson in signing up for races ahead of time, but I thought I was okay with a 10K! NO MORE RACE REGISTRATION FOR ME! I have even decided that if I want to do another race, I will train for it and then cross my fingers I can register at the 11th hour, because I am sick of losing money!

At least I'm not in a boot, right? That's a good thing, right? I will run again, right? Right???

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