Monday, November 19, 2012

This Week

This week the girls have the entire week off of school. They get Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving and then in Seattle Public Schools there is no school Monday through Wednesday for parent-teacher conferences. We already did our conferences last Friday. 

I would so very much love to write out how the conferences went, but I am definitely firmly in the camp of no longer wanting to write really personal information about the girls anymore. I will mention a couple of cute things: Eloise has gone from being the big bruiser in her pre-school and kindergarten class to a leader and a kid the other kids really like. My heart swells. She has an amazing teacher who truly loves "her kids". I could listen to her talk about Eloise all day long because it just makes you feel like your heart will burst. Iris's also has a great teacher. Her teacher had the kids fill out an evaluation form about how they liked different subjects and how well they thought they did at each of them. It was really fun to get that sneak peek in to Iris's brain at a time when she isn't saying much when she gets home from school. Iris is doing exactly as we expected she would be, which was good to not have any surprises. I loved hearing her teacher say that she thought school was the right place for Iris (as opposed to continuing to home school). It re-confirmed our decision to put her back in to school. 

We are heading in to what should be a fun week off. As I tend to do with longer school breaks, I planned out a few activities across the days to give everyone a few things to look forward to. Today is a movie and chores. Okay, maybe these things aren't what I would personally look forward to. I generally dislike going to kids' movies and I generally dislike chores, especially when they involve re-washing already washed laundry. But! I do enjoy the break from getting the girls up early and out the door for school for a few days, so I will take that. It is raining like crazy, insane amount of rain in Seattle today, so hopefully we won't need a rowboat to get to the theatre. 

We also have on our agenda this week a couple of playdates, an appointment, and a trip to the craft store to get supplies to make something for the craft fair at school. I am excited to get to go to another weight training class this week, as well. And that is all before Turkey Day! 

I was so thankful that a dear friend invited our family to join her big Italian family at their Thanksgiving Day festivities. After several years celebrating with a family we love, it was looking like we were going to have our first T-Day just the four of us at home, and that was severely bumming me out. My dear friend has a truly wonderful tight-knit family and they welcomed us in to their cozy fold for the Fourth of July, and now they are doing it again. Yep, very very thankful, indeed. I am bringing homemade mac-n-cheese with (wait for it . . . .) bacon!

Friday is traditionally the day to set up our tree and that is always a lot of work. Last year for some reason Matt and the girls put up most of the tree and that was awesome! I ended up having to re-do the entire damn thing when a bunch of our lights went out, though. That reminds me, I think we still have only green lights for the tree. Now I need to decide if I am going to elbow through the black Friday crowds to buy new lights, again, or just run with the green lights for another year. 

On Saturday I am excited to join my friend Michael at the Seattle Marathon expo. I was supposed to be running it, but alas, I am not running at all (you have been alerted of that, right?) I hope they have some cool stuff to check out, though I really need nothing right now. Just before I was knocked out of running I got a few new clothing items and stocked up on gels/chews. I have a coupon to use for my local running store when I am ready for new shoes. Hmmm . . . surely I can come up with something to buy, right?

Eloise said she wanted to come with me to cheer on the Seattle Marathon and Half-Marathon runners on Sunday morning. We will ring our bells and hold up our signs. I haven't decided what mine will say. Either something supportive like "You are Awesome!" or something funny, like "Toenails are Over-Rated". We shall see. Looking forward to finding lots of familiar faces dashing past me, just like last year when I went to watch! I was so in awe of those runners last year. It choked me up a bit. I was hoping I would be one of them this year, but nope. 

Allrighty, off to make sure the house isn't floating away!

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