Saturday, December 29, 2012

End of the Year Review and Goals

Since we are coming up on the end of the year, I have been thinking about my running goals. My biggest goal is to not get any big injuries that keep me from running for more than a few days. I don't want to be concerned about pace, just distance, but I don't want to make any distance goals because my #1 will be "run injury-free". I worry that if I make distance goals I will strive to achieve them even when it is detrimental to running injury-free. When I ran my mile on Christmas day I didn't check pace on my watch even once. I looked at it often because I didn't know how far an out-and-back mile would be, but I didn't care about pace. I was happy to have my doggy run with me and happy to be out there.

I have also been thinking over and over about how much I loved running while I was training for my first half-marathon. Yes, it was work, it was hard, but I never put pressure on myself. After that it felt like every race I put so much pressure on myself to achieve an aggressive goal and sometimes forgot about doing it for fun.

So this year will be about fun. It will be about challenging myself to slow down and take my eyes off my Garmin.

Here are my resolutions from last year:

1. Run a sub 25:00 5K race (which is an 8:03 pace). DONE. I believe I hit 23:45.
2. Run a sub 55:00 10K race (which is an 8:52 pace). DONE. I ran several 10Ks below 55:00 and 49:30 was the lowest.
3. Run a 1/2 Marathon (no specific time goal, just finish and feel good and have fun!) DONE. 
4. Run a "destination" race of a 10K or (preferably) 1/2 Marathon distance. To me, that means a race that is far enough away from my home that I have to spend the night there in order to run AND it has to be somewhere that is truly a destination-- not just some random crappy town. I never did this, though I did get to run in several amazing places across the country this past year!  
5. Take ALL of my supplements at least five days a week. Probably. 
6. Re-name my blog (again) to something that more represents all of the parts of who I am, not just being a mother (added to the fact that I ((after five plus straight years!!)) no longer am nursing). YES! I am so glad I got this done, I love my new name! 
7. Re-design my blog to give it a little pizzazz. I can't do this myself, and don't even want to learn how, but I would gladly pay someone to do it (if you or someone you know is a blog designer!) Yes again! Love my new design! 

2012 was pretty much a success, considering I spent a lot of time injured. I feel like I couldn't make it a goal last year since I didn't realize how easy it would be to get injured and how long I would stay injured. Now I know. 

I think I will put running a marathon on my list every year until it happens. Hopefully it will happen in 2013, my body will let me know. I also would still love to run a destination race, especially if it involves going up to Victoria or Vancouver to run with my friend Tara. 

I had a goal to read a certain number of books in 2011 and I loved that. If I recall, I didn't quite hit the goal, but it was a lot of fun to read so much. 

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  1. Great year of meeting your goals, Sybil! Looking forward to more excitement in 2013.


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