Saturday, December 01, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls on the Run!

This morning marked the culmination of all of Iris's hard work in her Girls on the Run group, it was the big 5K run! Despite having some challenges with the after-school practice (and declaring, at one point, that she didn't really like to run), Iris was pretty excited about the 5K. Other girls from her group told her about all of the wonderful things that happen at the run, so I think she thought more about the event as a whole, rather than just the running part.

Matt was all ready to be Iris's running buddy! Before I was overcome with injuries, I had signed up to be Iris's running buddy. All girls in the GOTR program run their 5K with a running buddy, be it a family member, friend, or a community volunteer. Luckily Matt was able to step in and take my spot! 

As a gift to Iris for reaching the goal of running the 5K I gave her a sparkly skirt. The fabric was identical to a Team Sparkle skirt I recently got, but I bought Iris's at Fred Meyer and it had three layers on it. She loved it and was excited to wear it to the race. Since GOTR asked everyone to dress up in super hero garb, Iris also adorned herself with accessories from an old Wonder Woman costume of Eloise's. 

Matt, Iris, Eloise and I piled in to the car to head over to the race, cautiously watching the sky. Last night the forecast said something like 80% chance of rain today. We got to the park, found our group and hung out for a while waiting for the warm-ups to start. Some of the girls got their hair sprayed with different colors while we hung out. Eloise got a free frisbee and promptly threw it in to the water.

Ready to run!
After the warm-ups it was time to head over to the starting line! Eloise decided she would run with Matt and Iris instead of hang with me and cheering. I said goodbye to them all and off they went! After seeing them off at the start I shuffled as fast as I could (no running!) to the half-way point in the race and held up my "You are AWESOME" sign (recycled from last weekend!) and cheered all of the girls and their buddies on until Eloise . . . . and then Matt and Iris came running past. It was so cute, Eloise was off on her own. Matt and Iris looked great and there were no complaints out of either of them. Yay! As they went on I hustled back around the park to the finish line. 

This was only part of the crowd, it was probably double this size!
Blurry shot of my runners taking off!
Posing for me at the half-way point.

There was a huge crowd around the finisher's chute! I couldn't' believe how many people were there to cheer the runners in. I snagged a spot, got out my camera and my cowbell, and waited for my family to come through. First came Iris and Matt, then shortly after Eloise ran by. Everyone had big smiles and seemed happy!

Matt reported that Iris stayed right behind Eloise for the whole race and then sped past her to finish in front of her. Ha! Where in the world would she get that competitiveness from?! 

It was so fun for me to do a complete role-reversal from what we usually do at a race . . . me running and the three of them cheering! I might love cheering almost as much as I love racing! 

After the run was over we found snacks and water, took advantage of some photo opportunities, and caught up with Iris's coaches. They were so sweet, they had one medal left over and they gave it to Eloise! She was so happy. It was hard for her to understand that this was Iris's event, that she wouldn't get a shirt or a bib or a medal, but in the end she was totally thrilled. I think she'll be a great GOTR when she is in 3rd grade. 

My girl and her medal!

We all had so much fun. Iris declared it one of her best days ever (of course, that was a combo of the  5K event and other exciting things that happened to her today!) so I consider that an absolute success. 

I am so proud of her. For a while I wasn't sure she would stick with GOTR and I worried she just wasn't enjoying it that much. And maybe parts of it she really didn't, but she saw the ten weeks of practice through and rocked her 5K. It is a really big accomplishment for her! 

Athleta was one of the sponsors, so Iris put her tattoo on her cheek.
I thought it looked pretty cool.


  1. So awesome. Way to go Iris! And Eloise too!

  2. Yeah!! So fun you made this a family event! Glad you enjoyed it all!

  3. A 5K, multicolored hair, AND a face tattoo! She's growing up. :) I'm seriously impressed with how well all three of them did. We just did M's first run (1.2 miles), and it was definitely more of a walk, including the training miles. Nice that Iris did so awesome!


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