Thursday, December 27, 2012

Running Update

I have officially been cleared to start running. I did a mile on the treadmill last Wednesday and one mile at a time a few times since. I am not sure my foot is healed, however. I am going to ask my PT about it to see what she thinks. A teeny bit of research about it seems to indicate it wouldn't be unusual for my stress fracture to not be healed yet, but also that it is common for your foot to be a bit sore when you get back to running. I think the thing that tells me my foot isn't ready is that when I pushed on the spot on my foot where the stress fracture is it still hurt.

Today I ran outside for the first time since the end of October, so that felt good. Since I was only going one slow mile, I brought my dog. She seemed to enjoy it but I could tell she was tired by the time we got home. She is used to running short, fast bursts, not long slow miles. I was hoping to work my way up to a 5K by the end of January, but I don't know. Lord knows I won't be signing up for any races ahead of time for a looooong while.

OH! Did you hear? is going to start selling race insurance! Heck yes! This would have saved me so much money . . . well, I guess I don't remember if the bigger races I signed up for were through, BUT, you bet your sweet behind I will be signing up for my next marathon through them. Anyways, I am really hoping more race directors jump on this bandwagon. 

But I digress. Right now I have a substitute PT, as my regular PT is off havin' a baby. I really, really like my sub. She is super awesome. Just like my regular PT, she takes good care of me, but she is doing totally different stuff to help fix my problems. That gives me an idea, maybe I need to just see a ton of PTs and follow what they all say and eventually my issues will be fixed! 

One thing I am doing now is a pelvic correction technique because things are all out of wonk, apparently. My PT says she is already seeing some change after a week of doing it. So that's good . . . or else she is just laughing all the way to the bank over making me do these silly exercises. 

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