Sunday, December 09, 2012

Squat-a-Thon Drop-out

So you know how I was so excited about doing all of those squats in the December challenge? Well, five days in to it and my IT band was seriously unhappy with me. What the heck? Tonight I consulted Dr. Google and sure enough, squatting can cause IT band pain. I am guessing adding weight to many of my squats and seriously increasing the amount I do every day was the real issue. Can't do anything half-assed! Now I am totally off squats until my leg stops aching. At the rate I am going the only thing I will be able to do is sit in a chair and lift 2 lb weights for my work-outs.

This week in a fit of despair I ordered myself a pair of Altra Intuitions that were on clearance.

Have you tried these?

They are HUGE! Not only did I have to order size 12s, but they are just much wider than a typical shoe. I have worn them to the gym to do my elliptical and they were fine. I did like not having my toes smooshed  in my other shoes while on the machine and I often have trouble with my feet getting that tingly falling asleep feeling. Then I did something on Thursday I really shouldn't have, but like a true junkie, I couldn't bear to stay way. I ran on the treadmill. Very slow, like 12 minute miles, for just under a mile. For what it's worth, I had zero foot pain while running (though it was a teensy bit sore afterwards), and the shoes felt great. I have 30 days to decide if I want to return them so I am crossing my fingers I can get in a few runs in them before the trial period is over.

My "thing" right now is trying to figure out what shoe I should start back running in after this break. Going through shoes can be crazy expensive as well as can have horrible consequences for wearing the wrong pair for any length of time. My podiatrist says a shoe like the Brooks Adrenaline is the right shoe for me. My PT says that those shoes are too built up for my running style and I need something that is lighter with less structure, which is why I moved to the Brooks Pure Cadence. Of course, while wearing the Pure Candeces I developed a new injury that may or may not have been caused, at least in part, by the more minimal shoes.

I am a sucker for shoe's claims, so I was putty in Altra's hands when they advertised that their shoes would help with a whole host of running injuries. My next PT appointment is this Wednesday, so I will run it past her (get it?!) and hopefully start back to running ever so slowly in the perfect pair of sneaks.

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