Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2013 Resolutions and Hopes

I am nervous about making resolutions and then tying myself to them, even when they no longer are in my best interest. This year I'm going to make resolutions as well as document my hopes for the year:

My resolutions for running in 2013 

1. Not set any PRs in distances I have already raced.
2. Run a trail race.
3. Volunteer at a race.
4. Improve strength. This is a tough resolution, I was going to write "strength train twice a week for 30 minutes" but I realized that isn't an easy one to measure. I would rather make a goal, like "do 20 big-girl push-ups in a row" or something. I will keep thinking about this.
5. Try a new recipe once every week.
6. Read 12 fiction books.

My hopes for running in 2013

1. Run a marathon.
2. Do a destination race (carrying this over from 2012!).
3. Run 1,000+ miles.
4. Not be side-lined by an injury.

SO, yeah. These seem pretty uninspired. I remember last year being so excited to write my goals out and I honestly referred back to them constantly throughout the year. I was extra-excited to go over them at the end of the year to see how I did! At the end of 2013 I will say "um, yeah, didn't PR. Yay?"

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