Friday, January 11, 2013

Mama's Got Some New Kicks!

I finally made it up to the running store that my two substitute PTs were raving about. I felt like I got great service and I tried about 8 pairs of shoes and found a pair I liked pretty well. I don't quite love them, maybe they will grow on me, because they are actually the men's style and I mostly do not prefer the colors of most men's shoes.

After feeling sold on a pair of Brooks Pure Drift, in the end I chose the Merrell Bare Access. I literally ran up the street with one kind of shoe on one foot and one on the other. It is probably because the pair of Pure Drifts I tried on had a slight imperfection in the left shoe that ended up annoying me when I ran. The Pure Drifts are definitely still on my wish list. Now that I think about it, they might be the perfect buy at another running store that I have a groupon for (assuming they don't all have the same imperfection!) Of course, now the first incarnation of the Brooks' line are on sale since they came out with version 2 . . . maybe I need to pick up the new Pure Drifts AND an older pair of the Pure Cadence?

I never made a conscious decision to go to a more barefoot shoe after starting out in very built-up shoes, but I do really like how these shoes feel on my feet. Almost, dare I say, like I am running barefoot? Ha ha. My feet just felt light. They are light years away from the Brooks Adrenalines I ran my two half marathons in! I asked the salesman several times, making sure that these would work for half marathon training. He assured me they would!

What do you think? Kind of cute? I love that they don't scream "running shoes!" like most running shoes do. I could even wear these around with jeans if I was so inclined.


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