Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Thought Friday

Okay, I just made that up. There is no such "thing" as Random Thought Friday (or is there???).

First random thought: I love chocolate flavored Zico coconut water so very, very much. I got some in my gift at a fitness-related gift exchange and it was maybe the best gift I have ever received. *To me* it tastes like chocolate milk (albeit low-fat, not creamy chocolate milk). It doesn't have much protein, but it is much lower in calories than chocolate milk and it has other great stuff in it, like electrolytes. A whole liter has about as many calories as a small horizon chocolate milk. The best place to get these where I live is Trader Joe's. No other place even comes close to matching their price. 

Second random thought: On Wednesday my physical therapist did this little test on my feet to figure out what kind of shoes I should be running in. My first thought was "what the hell, why didn't you do this six months ago?!" but I digress. It turns out I have rigid feet. I need a neutral shoe with a ton of shock absorption. I also prefer close to a zero drop. They really don't make many shoes like that. It confirmed that my new barefoot shoes are a no-go for me. My Brooks Pure Cadence are about as little padding as I should wear on my tootsies. Apparently my feet don't move in a way that helps absorb the shock of running on hard ground, so I need padding to do it form me. This is also what makes me more susceptible to stress fractures. Weee! I have been looking at a bunch of different shoes and checking out the stack height of each one (how many millimeters of shoe there is under your feet). 

Should I get a pair of these Hoke One Ones? I'd be ten feet tall!

Third random thought: I finally got referred on to a sports medicine doctor. My PT isn't sure what else she can do for my hamstring, but she did tell me it wasn't a tear or anything serious. It feels to her like a muscle is balled up and can't release. I am practicing guided imagery to help it release. For real. Luckily this isn't too "woo woo" to me, as I used guided imagery (aka hypnobirthing) to, uh, help release things when I was in labor with Eloise. It worked that time, so hopefully it works again. Ha!

Fourth random thought: O.M.G. I love weight training! I love everything I do with my trainer. It hurts, and it is fun all at the same time. She makes me do things that I would have sworn I couldn't even do one of before I tried. I am not that strong by any means, but apparently I am stronger than I thought! 

Fifth random thought: I have been on twitter less than a week and my account was already hacked! It sent out direct messages to people and even posted a tweet on my timeline. UGH. I changed my password and then twitter figured it out and sent me an email and made me change my password again. It sucks when you are like "hey, I'm new here, will you be my friend?" and people are all like "why are you sending out spammy viruses you crazy person?!" Okay, just kidding. The people who told me were nice about it, but I felt like a jerk. 

Sixth random thought: I figured out the start-date for my half marathon training plan for running the Seattle Rock-n-Roll is March 10th! Aw, yeah! Just under two months from now. Will I be ready??? I have to be able to comfortably run six miles when I start. Can I go from two miles to six miles in the seven weeks between now and March 10th? I guess that's only a 1/2 mile increase a week, which is considered conservative, right? Right?!?!


  1. I love this post. Love randomness. What training plan are you going with?

    1. Thanks Kerrie! I have been leaning towards the TLAM 1/2 Finish It plan, but I also like the Hal Higdon 1/2 Novice or Intermediate ones. HH is less weeks and less miles, so if I don't feel ready for the volume I will do that one.

  2. i'm so glad u were able to get fit for the right kind of shoes for ur foottype, that's so important...i hope they work out well!
    oh, and honestly, anything chocolate flavor is worth being obsessed about. :)


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