Monday, January 28, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-Up

What a great week! I loved this week of workouts. It was my first double-digit run week, too!

Total Miles Run: 10.6

Monday: 2 miles  plus workout with trainer

This was the hardest workout I have had in recent memory. It was my running day and even though I had a training appointment schedule, I had to get it in. I was late getting to the gym so I only did just under 2 miles, instead of the 2.5 I wanted to do. After that it was time to work. Lots of squats (as always) then planks and push-ups with the bosu ball. After that I did the rowing machine, which I really liked. Then we headed to the weight room and did push press-- sort of like a thruster, only you don't lower in to a squat when you bring the bar down. You also sort of hop to push the bar up. Anyways, I had to do ten of these and then hold the bar up for 30 seconds at the end of each set of reps. Then I used the assisted pull-up machine for 50, YES 50!, pull-ups. They were assisted, and not all at once, but it was freaking hard. After that we did some ab work and I was D.O.N.E. 

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 2.5 miles

A short walking warm-up and cool-down, and this was my longest run outside since I was injured in October. Yay! I felt okay, I think I was running faster than I should have been.

Thursday: workout with trainer

This was a tough workout, my trainer pushes me a little further each time I go in. Sort of waiting to see if she is trying to reach my breaking point? Who knows! We worked out the whole time with barbells. After the warm-up I did 5 rounds of each of theses groups of exercises. The first 3 rounds were with a 35 lb barbell, the last 2 were with a 45 lb barbell. It was 10 squats, 10 push presses, 10 walking lunges and 10 bent-over rows. My heart was pounding and my whole body was shaking! We finished with two 1 minutes sets of planks.

Friday: 3 miles

It was a gorgeous day to run on Alki. I had shorts on!

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 5K race

My first race since the end of October! It felt so good to be out there again. I wanted to run hard, but not too hard. Not hurt myself hard. I finished in 27:29, 12th out of 89 total women running the 5K. I ran pretty much the whole thing with a friend and it was fun to have someone next to me to chat with or push through with. 

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