Saturday, January 05, 2013

Winter Break

As much as I hate to say it, I am excited that winter break is ending. It felt like the last few days of school/work/Christmas craziness before winter break took everything I had to get through and that the break would be, well, a break. Instead it's been filled with late nights, sickness, a diet heavy on junk, and a drastic reduction in my workout schedule. Reduced workouts generally equal a crankier me. 

So, we've been hanging in there and having some fun when we can and (mostly) looking forward to school starting again next week.

Iris built a fort for her and her sickie sister to relax in.
Grandma sent fun masks for the girls.

We checked out the gingerbread "houses" at the Sheraton.

Then the girls rode the carousel downtown.

On Wednesday we went ice skating.
Eloise struggled with it for most of the time, despite tearing up the rink last year. 

The Space Needle is always pretty! 

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