Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Checking In

Yes, it's been just over a week since I posted. Things are cah-ray-zee busy around these parts! 

As I mentioned in my last post, I was very sick for almost an entire week. Then just as I was feeling better it was time to leave for a trip I had planned. My very bestest bestie moved to Texas (sniff sniff!). She drove from Seattle to Albuquerque, where she stayed with her mom for a few days. I flew to Albuquerque to meet her and then she and I drove to her new home in Corpus Christi, Texas. I stayed in Texas until late Sunday night (technically Monday morning) and now, well, now it's Wednesday. 

I wanted to write about how much I have slacked on my workouts, but it wasn't so much slacking as there was literally zero time to fit them in. Obviously you can't do anything when sick and feverish and achy, but I severely under-estimated how much time I would have to get exercise in while away on my trip. I did a couple of short runs on a treadmill at my friend's new place and that was it. 

Last night I saw my trainer again and it was quite humbling to see how much strength I had lost in just two weeks of being almost completely off of workouts. For the first time ever my trainer asked me to lift a weight that I just couldn't. I will always, always push myself to the limit, but I couldn't lift the stupid kettle bell over my head so that I could do lunges with it. I asked her to get a lighter one. Like I said, humbling. It sucks to work so hard and then lose fitness so quickly. On the plus side, I know I can get it back, and probably faster than I think I will.

Today I met a friend at the gym, my very first friend ever to join me at the gym!, and we had a lot of fun. We ran on the treadmills and chatted a bunch and then I showed her some of the things I had been learning in the gym. Turns out running on a treadmill isn't so bad when you have a friend there with you!

In addition to being out of it with my workouts, I am figuring out how to once again balance the work/home/volunteer thing and fit in everything else I have to do in any given week. The girls have a crazy school schedule this month so my work and home days are kind of mixed up since I am always home when they are home. It's amazing, I work eight hours a week and I feel like I can barely handle that much! Life is way too busy and it doesn't seem to ever let up! I can't even imagine a week where I have time during the day to go, huh, what should I do with myself? Yep, that would never happen. 

I will post some pictures of my trip soon (and by soon I mean hopefully before the end of the month!). 

Also, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a beautiful day! 

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