Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On MRIs and Steve Miller Band

Things are not looking too good on the hamstring front. Or the IT band front, for that matter. It's so frustrating. Like you've never heard me say that before, right?

This morning was my MRI for my hamstring. I have never had an MRI before, so I went in to it the same way I have gone in to all the other procedures I was having done for the first time . . . like it would be super easy and not a big deal. First of all, the MRI IRL (that would be "MRI in real life") was not as bright and shiny as the one in the pictures on the imaging center's website. My room was dim. The pictures promised that if I was only having imagining on a lower extremity I would be half hanging out of the machine. Oh, no. I was almost all the way in and holy cow. My husband told me how claustrophobic he was when he got an MRI many years ago and I shrugged it off. I totally get it now. Deep breaths. 

Luckily I was given head phones with Steven Miller Band blaring through them. Nothing makes an uncomfortable experience more comfortable than some Steve Miller Band, amIright? I will never be able to listen to "The Joker" again without it invoking panic. 

I would love to let you know what the results were, but I won't know until next Thursday when I see my doctor. Is it awful that I want some glaring obvious thing wrong with me? Cause I sort of do. None of the tricks my PT has tried have worked. The IMS didn't work (though I will get one more treatment to make sure). I should say, I don't think the IMS worked. The weird thing is that when I went to see my massage therapist for the first time since getting IMS she remarked that the "cigar shaped band" of muscle in my hamstring was gone. That was exactly what the IMS was for . . . so is the bunched up muscle gone and I still have hamstring pain??? I don't quite know yet what that all means. 

On one other interesting note, my massage therapist noted that my left glute had less muscle than the left. That is the side with my ouchy IT band. When I told my personal trainer about it we decided to do a test. I tried sitting in a chair and standing back up with only one leg. I couldn't do it on the left at all, but I could just barely do it on the right. So interesting. My left glute really is weaker! Now I am focusing on engaging that side more when I do certain exercises, like squats. 

Tonight's run was sort of a constant inventory of what was feeling weird with my lower extremities. That sucks. 

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