Sunday, February 17, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-Up

It was equal parts brutal and fun to get back in to a routine this week. 

February 11-17

Total Miles Run: 7.5

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Weight training with my trainer 

Oh, this workout was brutal. My first real workout in almost two full weeks. Ouchiness galore. For some reason I can't remember every exercise I did, though this is most of them. I think. 
Loosen upper body with a band and a bar, then squats
*push presses
*on a bar in one of the "cage" thingies in the weight room I alternated push-ups and a sort of pull-up where I sort of hung under the bar with my feet in front of me. It looked like the opposite of the push-up.
*practice lunge form, then walking lunges holding a 20 lb kettle bell above my head in one hand
*ab work (holding a big soft medicine ball between my knees I laid on my back and rotated my legs side to side, then I put the ball between my feet and passed it back and forth from my feet to my hands, lowering hands and feet to the floor between passes)

Wednesday: Run 3.5 miles

I met my friend at the gym for the first time ever! It was so much to have her there. We usually do our bootcamp together outside, but with the weather being so crummy in the winter I finally convinced her to join my gym. Yay! We ran next to each other on the treadmills, which was great. She isn't as much of a runner as I am, so we can be side by side and doing our own workout the whole time while chatting. My favorite treadmill run ever. After the 'mills I showed her a bunch of fun stuff I have been doing with my trainer. 

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Weight training with my trainer

loosen upper body with a bar and band, then squats 
*sumo deadlifts w/ 30 lb kettle bell
* wall balls (throwing a big soft 12 lb ball high up on to the wall, then coming down in to a squat as I catch it, rising out of the squat to throw it)
*step-ups on to a box, three sets, 1st w/ body weight, 2nd w/ 2-15 lb plates, 3rd w/ 2-25 lb plates
*clean and press w/ 25 lb, then 35 lb barbell
*cable rows w/ 90 lbs alternating w/ hanging knee crunches (hanging from a pull up bar and pulling my knees to my chest)
*pistol squats using a bar-- three sets, the first two with two hands, the last one with one hand. OUCH. *plank with forearms on a stability ball alternating w/ plank position with my feet on the ball, then rolling the ball and tucking my knees up towards my chest (I don't know the name of that move!) 

Saturday: Run 4 miles

I warmed up  walking for 1/4 mile, then ran 4 miles, then walked around 1 to 1 1/4 miles when I was done. The last bit my friend came and so we chatted while we walked. After the run/walk we did a little bit of ab work. It was a very hard run. First it was the longest I have run since coming back from my stress fracture, but that wasn't the hard part. The hard part was how sore I was from Friday's workout! I think I need to figure out the happy medium of working hard with weights but still being able to get my runs in when I need to. 

Sunday: Rest

I am soooo sore today. Definitely a rest day! 

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