Sunday, February 24, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-Up

This was an interesting week. I had lots of ups and downs, physically, but also emotionally , because I just don't know what to make of my various aches and pains. I was sore on some body part or another the entire week. If it wasn't soreness directly related to my weight training, it was my IT band and hamstring letting me know they will never be happy, no matter how much work (and money!) I put in to pleasing them. My new goal is just to keep the discomfort at a level that doesn't interfere with my running or weight training. My trainer says after I have been doing weight training for a little while I won't be so sore after every workout. I hope that is true! I have also been foam rolling like crazy this week.

Coming up on Wednesday I am having an MRI done on my hamstring. Looking forward to that (I think?) and I hope I get some solid answers on what the heck is wrong. Stay tuned!

Total Miles Run: 14.75 

Monday: 4 miles run AND workout with trainer

I normally would not schedule two workouts in one day, so this made me nervous. Thankfully, it worked out pretty well. The hardest part about it was I ran in the morning, came home and showered, then went to my workout with my trainer after dinner . . . another set of workout clothes and another shower. 

I got to run with my friend Michael, so that was really nice, I don't think we have run together since October, thanks to my stress fracture. Now that my mileage is creeping up (oh, so slowly!) I can finally dabble in running with other people again. 

When I showed up at the gym to see my trainer she immediately could tell I was feeling less than 100%. I explained how sore I had been since my Friday workout with her and how my two runs went, including the one that very morning. Luckily we were able to focus solely on the upper body in this workout so I felt strong the whole time, even with sore legs.

Stretching with a bar
*Bench press: first rep w/ 35 lb bar, 2nd w/ 45lbs, 3rd and 4th w/ 55 lbs. (My barbell was hilarious, so teeny with a five pound weight on each end!)
*Pull-down exercise on a cable machine, I don't know the name. I kneeled with my back to the machine and pulled the handles down to my shoulders.
*Seated row
*Push-ups to side planks (sets of 8, 8 and 10! Ouch!)
*Superman/banana-- this was so hard! Lay in superman (on belly, arms straight out ahead, arms and legs lifted as high as you can lift) for a few seconds, then roll over and come up in to a v-sit for a few seconds, then roll back down in to superman, and so on and so forth. 

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 2.5 miles run and bootcamp

I did some laps on the track because I wanted this day to be more about the run, but I think I overdid the bootcamp part. Here was the workout I put together for my friend and I:

Circuit one (2x):
*Sumo high row (sumo stance holding weights, squat down, then raise weights to chin on the way up)
*Figure skaters (holding weights, curtsy and raise arms straight out to the side)
*Fly bridge (in a bridge, hold weights straight up, then lower out in to a fly. Raise arms back up, lower body, raise back in to bridge and repeat)
*Wiper planks (in plank position move one foot at a time in and out like a windshield wiper)
*Superman/Banana (see Monday's workout!)

Then we ran the stadium stairs for several minutes.

Circuit Two (2x):
*Jumping jacks
*Prisoner squats
*Abs of choice

Thursday: workout with trainer

Stretching w/ bar
*Standing rows w/ 20 lbs then 35 lb barbell
*Inverted rows superset w/ bent-over row. Bent-over row was 45 lb. barbell.
*Side lunges w/ weight. Lift plate overhead, then lunge to side and touch plate to the ground. Superset lunges w/ Russian twists. First set w/ 10 lb weight, next two sets w/ 25 lb weight.
*Pike push-ups w/ my feet on a plyo box (um, are you effing kidding me?!?! These were HARD!)

Friday: Run 3.5 miles

Having a gym membership has made me a lazy runner. If I look outside and the weather isn't ideal, poof!, I'm at the gym on the treadmill. On Friday, though, it was raining, windy and cold. I will do rain, I will do cold, but I despise wind. All three together = treadmill for sure.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Run 4.75 miles

Long run day! Headed out there solo. I am not a fan of solo long runs. I ended up running by a bunch of people running who I later figured out were a group from a local running store. I should remember that option for next time I have to do a solo Sunday run. For this run I parked my car and ran north on a main West Seattle road, then 1/2 way through I turned around and ran back. The run ended on a slight downhill, which was pretty fun and made me feel fast after chugging up a slight uphill.

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