Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Seattle Run Series 5K

I wanted to write a race re-cap of my recent 5K because I really think the Seattle Run Series is the Seattle area's best kept secret for racing. I love, love, love the races they put on and have run (and worked) many of them.

5K isn't my favorite distance. In fact, it's probably my least favorite. I don't like short and fast races, but since I am not going for fast this year, a 5K race didn't seem so daunting anymore. Plus, this race fit neatly in to my schedule on my way back from an injury . . . I just ran 3 miles for the first time on Friday January 25th and this race was on Sunday the 27th! 

A little background, the Seattle Run Series can be run as a three race series, this series has one race a month in January, February and March. One cool benefit to running all three races is that if you improve your race times the most from the 1st to the 3rd race, you win some cool prizes, including a free pair of shoes of your choice! You can also run just one or two of the races. 

So back to Sunday. I was really worried it would be raining and cold, and the race is held at Seward Park, which is a beautiful, but sometimes sucky, location for a race. The weather can be extremely unpredictable on the little peninsula. I have run races there where the weather went from rain, to hail, to sunny, to rain, to hail, all with a strong wind thrown in there for good measure. But this Sunday was great. No rain, only a little wind. About the very best you can hope for for January! 

I went to the race with my friend Carol and we got there with plenty of time to spare and packet pick-up was easy peasy. We warmed up a little but running around the park and then headed to the bathroom before lining up at the start. It was so fun to see a few of my running friends and we chatted a bit as we waited to take off. It was a big crowd for this race series. Maybe there were 200 people there? 

After we took off there was zero clogging up on the course. We all spread out evenly and it was smooth sailing. I took off ahead of Carol but we met back up about 1/2 mile in and ran the rest of the way together. The course is an out and back (they don't make us run up the pesky hill in the middle of Seward Park!) which is really nice. It's fun to watch the speediest runners on their way back to the finish line! 

Carol and I chatted most of the way. About 1/4 of a mile to the finish Carol told me to go ahead, I had some kick in me and she wasn't feeling it. Of course, she finished just a few seconds behind me, so I think she had more kick than she thought! I didn't wear my watch for this race so I had zero idea of my pace and when I crossed the finish line I saw 27:xx on the clock. Indeed, I finished in 27:29. Not too shabby! 9th in my AG and 12th female overall.

Carol and I in the home stretch. Isn't my Athleta top cute? 

My favorite thing about Seattle Run Series' races is the spread of food! Chocolate milk, juice, water, coconut water, peanut butter and jelly and peanut butter and honey on Dave's Killer Bread, muffins, bagels, cream cheese, oranges, bananas . . . I know I am missing some things. I had to walk away from the buffet before I more than ate back all of the calories I ran off, ha! I didn't check out the booths myself, but this race had a massage therapist and a few other informational booths set up.

My second favorite thing about these races are the professional photos are FREE, yes, free! It is included in your race fee, which I believe was $30. 

My friend and I didn't stick around for the medals (yes, we're lame like that), but the top finishers in each AG for the 5K and 10K win medals.

These are my favorite small races in the city, hands down. Maybe you want to come run one with me some time? 


  1. Go Sybil! I"ll have to keep these on my radar for this spring.

  2. Congrats on a great race!! Also, I love your top! Athleta stuff is so cute and I plan on treating myself to something from there one of these days. I cannot believe they have all that food after a 5K. WI needs to take some pointers from WA. :)


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