Monday, March 18, 2013

Injuries x 2

There is a little too much gettin' hurt going on around here these days!

I'll start with Miss Eloise. Last Thursday I got a call right before school got out saying she hurt herself and that I should come and get her. She was doing a back bend  which she has done dozens, if not hundreds, of times, and heard something crack in her arm and it hurt. A lot. The school put a wrap on her wrist and gave her an ice pack and we just watched her to see what might happen. It didn't seem serious enough to rush to the doctor, as she eventually calmed down and began playing as if nothing was wrong. She slept fine that night and was fine most of the day Friday (which was a day off of school) until we tried to play with friends at the playground and she went to grab for a bar and it hurt again. Later that night her arm was noticeably swollen and she couldn't move her hand in certain ways, so we knew it was time to take her to urgent care. Matt drove her to Children's Hospital and after an exam and some x-rays, lo and behold, she has a fracture in both her radius and ulna! Poor girl!

She came home with a black brace on her forearm and may be getting a cast later this week when we go back. Apparently they don't like to give a cast right away when there is swelling because if the arm changes size with a cast on it can be problematic. 

Unfortunately it's Eloise's right hand, so it's been a little tricky to do some basic things, but she is figuring it out. School was a little rough today, they had to call me to come give her ibuprofen because the school can't give her any without a doctor's note. Sheesh. She was crying and upset when I saw her, but luckily calmed down. 

We took this adorable picture together because we are so matchy-matchy with our braces on!

My good/bad news is that I can stop wearing the boot all of the time, but I still can't run. He said I should "wean off" the boot but, between you and me, I've been sort of weaning off over the past few days. I hate the boot, and it's annoying, so I broke out my Birkenstocks and have been wearing those around the house. He thinks the boot on my right foot is causing me plantar fascia pain in my left foot, so while he typically would like to keep the boot on longer, he wants me to try getting by without it to see if it helps the left foot. Fun, fun. I guess one other good news piece is that he doesn't think I have plantar fasciitits, but rather I had a plantar fascia injury. I guess time will tell if this is chronic or not! 

I was feeling pretty anxious even before I landed in this boot because I was barely on track to train for the Seattle RnR half marathon, and now I have been in a boot for two weeks and am instructed to take two more weeks off before starting back slowly. I have been avoiding the elliptical at the gym in favor of strength exercises, but I am going to have to start getting at least one serious session in a week to test my endurance. 

At this point I am not feeling hopeful I will even be able to cobble together a half marathon plan, let alone the race. If I can even walk/run the damn thing I will be happy. I just want to be out there! 

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