Sunday, March 10, 2013

Running (or not) Wild: Weekly Wrap-Up

Total Miles Run? ZERO

Monday: Weights with trainer

I feel like I say this every week, but this was SO hard! Usual warm-up, then:

*45 second wall sits followed by 12 squats (3 reps) My quads have NEVER hurt that much. 
*standing rows with cable machine w/ hanging leg raise (hanging from pull-up bar, lifting legs straight out) (3 reps)
*not sure what it's called, but on all fours pulling cable towards me w/ one arm. Crazy hard! (3 reps each side)
*push-ups w/ medicine ball. Put one hand on the ball, one on the floor. Go down, come up, roll ball to other hand without losing push-up position. (3 reps of 10)
*push presses w/ 35 lb barbell superset w/ single arm raises (3 reps of 10 each)
*on a weight bench, w/ a 5 lb between feet, lift legs straight up then lower to horizontal (3 reps) 
* knee raise twist on roman chair (20 on each side)

This was my last session with my trainer for a while, until I figure out how to pay for more session. Money VERY well spent but holy cats, it ain't cheap. As I get more and more disheartened about my chronic running injuries I am seriously considering shifting more towards focusing on strength and less on running. Even toying with the idea of visiting my local crossfit box (see what I did there? I already know some lingo!) to see what that might offer me. I have to say, I really like my gym, and their cardio machines, but unless I can commit to working very hard by myself, I won't see the same results I would see working with someone overseeing my training session. 

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Body Pump class

I went to the gym expecting to do the elliptical and some weights. When I checked I saw that a Body Pump class was about to start. I have never done a class at my gym before but decided on the spot to go for it! I was so glad I did! It was hard but a lot of fun. The Body Pump class uses barbells and different amounts of weight depending on the exercise. I had a little trouble determining the amount of weight to use because Body Pump uses A LOT more reps than I am used to doing with my trainer. Obviously you can lift a heavier weight less times than you can lift a lighter one! I got my ass handed to me on the first set of back squats, so I backed off my enthusiasm pretty quickly. Can't wait to go back!

Thursday: Elliptical and strength

I did 25 minutes of elliptical on one of the machines I had never used before. It is SO MUCH harder than the one I have always used before! When you ellipticise on it (what is the word for what you do on the elliptical? You aren't running, or walking, or biking. Are you ellipticising?) the stride length varies on how hard you are working, unlike the other ellipticals I have done which have a set stride length. I was sweating buckets after 25 mins and that never happens. Whew! Anyways, after that I did some strength stuff. I still haven't figured out a good routine, so I just did the stuff that "sounded good" (ha!).

*1 set of: 10 squats w/ no weight, 10 goblet squats w/ 10 lb plate, 10 goblet squats w/ 25 lb plate and then 10 sumo squats w/ a 35 lb plate.
*3 sets of 10 push-ups w/ a medicine ball (as described in Monday's workout)
*3 sets of pistol squats, 10 on each leg.
*3 sets of ten roman chair leg lifts

I had to chuckle because my trainer was in the gym working with another client and she came over to correct my form on my pistol squats (squating shin needs to be vertical!). Too funny. I loved that she is willing to help even when I am not paying her to!

Friday: Elliptical

You know how they say you will never regret your workout after you are done? Well, I didn't exactly regret this workout, but it was so lame, I just thought, you know, it took me a lot of time and energy to drive to the gym just to do a half-assed 25 minutes on a elliptical machine. I didn't feel like kicking ass in the weight room and I didn't feel like pushing it on the elliptical, either. So, I sort of wished I had used my free time a little more wisely. But you know, a workout is a workout, and it's always good to sweat a little and burn some calories!

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Elliptical

Long story short, I ended up doing way more elliptical this day than I wanted to, but it was okay. I threw in a little row machine and a handful of goblet squats. I suppose the elliptical made up for my lack of a long run!

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