Sunday, March 03, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

You probably saw my last post, but I am in a boot now for a partially tear in my plantar fascia on my right foot. No fun, and no running! All I ran was 4 miles this week, pre-diagnosis.

Monday: Workout with trainer

Arm stretches with the bar
Leg kicks
*sitting up and down in chair w/ one leg (testing my glute strength)
*35# kettle bell deadlifts
*push-ups and planks w/ a bosu ball and resistance. My trainer hooked me up to the cable machine with a belt around my waist so that I had tension from the side as I did my planks and push-ups. 
*Standing long-jumps w/ squats in between reps
*forearm plank on stability ball, then tracing circles with forearms, then my trainer tried to knock me off by moving the ball around

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Run 4 miles

Nothin' fancy. I didn't wear a watch but I definitely felt like I was picking up the pace in there a few times.

Thursday: Workout with trainer

Arm stretches with the bar
Leg kicks
*back-squats, worked my way up to 65 lbs!
*assisted pull-ups
*arm exercises on the cable machine (totally drawing a blank what these were called, like a chest fly)
*abs on ab benches

Friday: Rest (and got my boot!)

Saturday: Elliptical and strength

Luckily I can take my boot off to workout, but of course I can't do anything that puts pressure on my arch. I did 30 minutes of elliptical, then abs on the roman chair, goblet squats, slamming a medicine ball, feet on stability ball and rolling in and out, and pull-ups on assisted pull-up machine. I worked out with my friend Sarah and we had so much fun!

Sunday: Elliptical and a little strength

I was planning on doing 40 mins on the elliptical, but instead I set it kind of hard and cranked out 25 fast minutes, burning about 400 calories in that time! Afterwards I did goblet squats, working up to a 25 lb weight. Monday is my session with the trainer, so I didn't want to work too hard today! 


  1. Do you have access to an airedyne? It's basically a bike with handles that you pull/push. I hate that thing with a passion but man it burns some calories! I used it for intervals this winter when my knees needed a break from running/skiing but I couldn't bike outside. The arm motions are a double whammy... it will kick your butt in the best kind of way!

    1. I have never used an airdyne, intriguing! Unfortunately the gym doesn't have one, so I can't try it out. Bummer!


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