Friday, March 15, 2013


Last night Matt got home after being away at SXSW since last week Thursday. The girls and I did pretty good while he was gone, but for some reason I felt much more worn-out than I ever have when he is away that long. By the end of every day I felt like I had just been running around non-stop from morning until night. As soon as he got home I wanted to sit on the couch and never stand up again! It certainly didn't help that I was in my giant stupid boot the pretty much the whole time, making getting around literally more difficult, and also I was still having some pain/discomfort in my feet. Oh yes, I said feet. As in both. Now they both hurt. 

I have been wearing my boot less and less over the past couple of days, however. Today it is after noon and I haven't put it on yet. I am icing like it's my job and around the house have been wearing my Birkenstocks for the arch support. My left foot is taped up, thinking of taping my right to see if I can get away with that and still have only a mild amount of pain. The idea of going for a short run today to "see how I feel" crossed my mind this morning, but after a little googling about plantar fascia issues I decided more rest is always better, so I won't run until I ask my podiatrist on Monday. 

So, I also wanted to share with you a yummy recipe that I found on Skinny Taste. It is for a healthier shamrock shake! It is actually pretty yummy, which I discovered when I made it today. 

Image via Skinny Taste

Go to the link to get the recipe, but here are the changes I made, simply because of the ingredients I had on hand:

-handful of spinach instead avocado
-Dannon low-fat vanilla yogurt instead of the brand she suggested
-peppermint extract (have NO idea why she doesn't want people to use that, as that is what is in a shamrock shake!)

My only complaint about the version I made was that it was like thick milk, NOT nice and thick like a milk shake. 

So give this a try and let me know what you think! Not exactly as decadent as the Mickey D's version, but much, much less guilt-inducing. We get a shamrock shake every year on St. Paddy's Day, but every year I think "ugh, I love this but it is SO many calories!" 

Do you make shamrock shakes a tradition? 

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