Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Thousand!!!

Tonight I went for a four mile run. At the end of my third mile I hit 1,000 miles run since I started logging on Dailymile, which I did pretty much from day one. Obviously I've run more than 1,000 miles total in my life, but it definitely feels momentous to have officially logged that much time running. 

Here's Proof! 

Interestingly, as soon as I hit mile three of my run tonight, I was hit with a wicked side cramp that I could not get rid of. I walked/ran the rest of the way home, simultaneously cursing my side and thinking that if I could have, I would have just kept on running. It was a gorgeous night. I kept my pace really easy, focused on my form and my turnover and though my left knee constantly threatened mutiny at any moment, I felt like a million bucks. Or maybe a thousand bucks? Haha. 

I wish that I had hit 1,000 miles, oh, about 6 months ago, but what could I do about it? Not much. 

It feels like almost every time I run the most difficult step is literally my first one out the door. It is so weird, because I never end a run feeling like I wish I hadn't gone (isn't that true of all runners?) and so I can't figure out the disconnect in my brain. Why, if running is so pleasurable, is it usually so hard to get out and do it? Tonight I was too cold, too tired, too hungry . . . but once I got out there I was so happy! 

What gives?!

So, in honor of my 1,000th mile I am going to, uh . . . . do what? I don't know. I should have planned better!  

Any suggestions for marking the milestone?

Monday, April 29, 2013

One Year Ago on This Date . . .

. . . I ran my first half marathon and I loved every. single. second. of it. It was definitely a life-changing experience for me. I realized that I loved everything about races and that I was more than ready to push myself further. I loved it so much, in fact, that I registered for a full marathon before ever running my second half. We all know where that story ended, but my love for distance running is still inside of me, even if I am not yet running 13.1 miles in a whole week right now. I will get back there. 

In case you are interested in revisiting the post I wrote about the Heroes Half Marathon, there ya go! 

And that lovely picture over there to the right was me at the finish line of that race. One of my favorite life moments, ever. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-Up

Total Miles Run: 12.75

Monday: 3 miles plus elliptical and strength

Monday is supposed to be my rest day, so how did I end up with a double workout?! Too many awesome things going on to say no to! My good friend and gym buddy, Sarah, was on Maui for a week so we missed THREE workouts together! She was randomly able to go to the gym today and asked me to join her. Of course I wanted to, we needed to catch up on everything! The workout:

*25 mins on the elliptical
*3 sets of 8 bench presses. 45#/50#/55# barbell
*3 sets of 8 inverted rows superset w/ push-ups on the bar
*3 sets of 10 stability ball roll-outs

THEN . . . 

Monday night #RunForBoston all around the country, or world?, and our neighborhood did a #BostonStrongWestSeattle at our local running store. 3 miles total, it felt like I was pushing it on the second half, but I have no idea of the pace. I hate to say this, but the run was fun, as I was able to catch up with a friend. Or maybe it was supposed to be fun? Because the bombings at the Boston Marathon certainly aren't going to take away runners' love for what they do. 

Tuesday: Active Rest

It was so beautiful out, I took our dog, Heidi, on a two mile walk.

Wednesday: Strength

Back to working out with my trainer! It was so much fun and I learned some new moves!

I warmed up with some basic squats and stretching out my upper body with a band. Then . . .
*3 sets of 7 kettle bell swings superset w/ 3 sets of 7 kettlebell sumo squats w/ a 35# kb
*3 sets of 8 dumbbell snatches. 1 set w/ 15# db and 2 sets 2/ 25# db (first time doing these and I LOVED them!)
*3 sets of 15 bent-over rows w/ a 20 second hold after 12. 1 set w/ 45# bar and 2 sets w/ 50# bar.
*3 sets of 14 single-arm lat pull-down. I think these were at 25# or 27.5# on the dual cable cross machine.
*3 sets of 8 weighted hip raises on sit-up bench, w/ a 5# dumbbell between my feet. Oh these were so, so, SO hard.
*3 sets of 8 hip raises w/ a twist on sit-up bench. Only a teeny but less hard than the first hip raises.

How to do a dumbbell snatch. So much fun!

Hip raises on a sit-up bench. To do them with weight, 
get a dumbbell and hold it between your feet! Youch!

Thursday: Run 4 miles

Quite possibly the most gorgeous running weather ever! Sunny and mid-50s. Perfection! 

Friday: Active Rest

Another doggy walk! 

Saturday: Strength

Barbell complex and some abs.

I used the squat rack for the first time on my own today. It was great! I did my barbell complex of back squats, bent-over rows, lunges and push presses.
*1 set of 10 w/ 45# barbell
*4 sets of 5 w/ 50# barbell
*3 sets of 8 hip raises on the sit-up bench

I also taught my friend Sarah how to do the barbell complex, so that was really fun. It was a much shorter workout than I usually do on Saturdays, but it is good to start keeping the day lighter so I have energy for my long Sunday runs!

Sunday: Run 5.75 miles

Nothing too exciting to report. Kind of boring to run for an hour all alone!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What is Nerve Gliding?

At my most recent physical therapy appointment my PT taught me about nerve gliding. She, and my fill-in PT, have done a huge amount of different kinds of therapy to my legs, but I was pretty excited about nerve gliding. I left the appointment not feeling great, but definitely feeling better. My run later that day (my solo #runforboston) was one of my best in recent memory, my hamstring didn't hurt as much as it has the last several weeks, so this exercise certainly got my attention and I have continued doing it. I tend to try out the exercises my PT gives me to do for a few days and if I don't feel noticeably better, I stop doing them.

My PT decided to try this with me because we have done so much work on my hamstring muscles with almost zero results, so she thought, what if it isn't all about the muscle? What if it's the nerve?

So what is nerve gliding? If a nerve is stuck in the soft tissue, nerve gliding (also called nerve flossing or neural gliding), helps to release it and reduce pain. It feels like easy stretching and is something you can do at home. Now, I'm no doctor, so I wouldn't advise you try this without the advice of a trained professional. If you decide to try it on your own, it's not supposed to hurt, so stop right away if it does. 

You can do nerve gliding on different nerves in your body, but I learned the techniques specifically for the sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the leg, through the hamstring.

The nerve gliding I do for my sciatic nerve are either of these two:


Laying down. 
Note: my leg is MUCH lower when I do this, about 18" off the ground, 
when I do this one since my hamstrings are far too tight to keep my leg up this high.

Ideally I perform these exercises before and after exercise. I have done just a handful of runs since I started doing nerve gliding (and also some pelvic correction exercises, which I couldn't find videos on YouTube demonstrating) and while I don't feel HUGE amounts better, I definitely feel a little better, and simply like I can run. I still have mild discomfort and I still question how long I can continue to up my mileage, but for now, something is helping me keep it together a little better, and I think this is a piece of that glue, so to speak.

Have you ever tried nerve gliding? 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


On Monday night I joined about 100 other people at our local running store in West Seattle (a neighborhood in Seattle that feels like its own city most of the time).

West Seattle Runner owner, Tim McConnell, took this picture.

We ran a 3 mile route and passed a street called Massachusetts where a poster with an image of the Boston Red Sox "B" with a yellow lace ribbon on it was hung on the street sign.

As you can see, we had a few runners in the group who were at Boston this year. The little girls in the front told us about how their teacher had run Boston this year and was thankfully unhurt. 

Here is local coverage of our run (and a video in this link! I am at about the :28 mark, in a gray shirt and gray and black striped shorts).

Thank you West Seattle Runner for hosting this run! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Miles Run: 13.5

Monday: 3.5 miles run

This was my #runforboston day. 

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Strength 

*warm-up of 5 mins on row machine
*3 sets of 10 standing rows superset w/ 3 sets of 8 hanging knee raises
*3 sets of 5 pistol squats. 1 set 2 handed, 2 sets 1 handed 
*3 sets of 10 back squats. 35#/45#/45# barbell. 
*3 sets of 10 wood-chops on the dual cable machine. All at 17.5#.
*3 sets of 8 toe push-ups on the medicine ball. First ever doing ALL of the push-ups on my toes! Kind of a necessity since my knees hurt so much from my epic fall on my run on Monday. 

It was a random workout and didn't go as I had planned. I wrote it all out to be primarily working in the weight room and when I walked in it was packed and everything I needed was in use. Time to improvise! It worked out well, however. I really wanted to use the squat rack to try and lift some heavier weight with my squats, but it wasn't open. Phooey.

Thursday: 4.8 (!) miles

I ran close to 4 miles on my own (the run was supposed to be 3.5 but I did a little extra) and when I got home my 6 year old, Eloise, wanted to go for a run with me. We did almost a mile together of sprinting/walking (do 6 year olds run any other way???). It was so much fun, and I felt really good the whole time, it reminded me of how fantastic my training runs were for my two half marathons last Spring.

Eloise and I cooling off on the porch, post run. 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Strength

*warm-up with stretches and squats
*5 sets of barbell complexes. One complex is: 10 back squats, 10 bent-over rows, 10 lunges, 10 overhead presses. I PR'd this by doing one set w/ a 35# barbell and four w/ a 45# barbell! It was tough, but I did it!
*3 sets of 10 wood-chops
*3 sets of 10 stability ball roll-outs

It was an intense, short workout. I think this took me 30-35 minutes total!

Sunday: 5 miles

My friend Tara was visiting from Canada (you might remember her being mentioned on my blog HERE and HERE) and I took her on my favorite local run, up around Alki point along the Puget Sound and Elliott Bay. It was a wonderful long run and the miles flew by as we chatted away and I pointed out some sights. We are perfectly matched running buddies, I miss her so much only seeing her every 6 or 7 months!

Tara's husband played photographer for us as we started out on our run. 

Monday, April 15, 2013


I decided late Sunday night that I wouldn't bother setting my alarm to wake up super early Monday to watch the Boston Marathon online, but my body had other plans. I was awake at 6:20 am PST. I tried to go back to sleep before realizing my efforts were futile and I just needed to get up and watch.

Eloise crept out of bed moments later and snuggled up to me on the couch. We cheered for Shalane and Kara, but were proud of all of the elite runners racing. We talked about what strong, amazing runners they all were. It was beautiful to watch, knowing how hard each of those runners worked to earn a chance to run that day. 

As Eloise grew tired of laying on the couch watching, we re-located to the little table, where she proceeded to paint my toenails for me, the race broadcasting on the laptop right next to us. 

As the coverage wound down, we moved on with our day. My husband came home at about 12:30 PST and asked if I had heard the news about Boston. He didn't want to tell me anything in front of the girls, so I grabbed my phone and went to Twitter to read about the explosions.

It couldn't be true, could it? How could this happen on such an amazing day? I went about my afternoon, checking in on Twitter, searching for more information, an explanation, a confirmation that no one was killed and it was just an accident. Of course, that never came. 

An 8 year old child was killed in the blast. I can only presume that this child was waiting at the finish line for his parent to finish the race. Or maybe he was a spectator. Either way, the idea of an 8 year old being killed at the finish line of a race is a horrendous thought that hits far too close to home. 

Monday was a gorgeous day in Seattle. It was supposed to be a rest day for me, but it needed to be a run day. I laced up my sneakers, and set out to #runforboston. No watch, no ipod, just my thoughts and the sunshine.

Two blocks from my house I tripped on a piece of sidewalk that I have run over dozens of times. I went flying, as if sliding for home plate in a baseball game. It was probably quite a spectacular spectacle. Two knees bloodied, two palms scraped up, a battered elbow. I dusted myself off, and kept running. A couple of blocks later I realized blood was running down my leg and I should stop for help. Luckily a local bike shop let me use their bathroom and offered up a first aid kit and I was ready to go again. 

When I got home Eloise dug up her doctor's kit and worked on my knees for me. She loves taking care of people. See the painted toes? And the ducky band-aids? 

You may notice that the right leg was scraped up above the knee. I was so flat on the ground I thought for a second that I put holes in the stomach of my shirt. 

I don't know exactly why, but it just was a great run, I guess. Despite the heavy heart, despite the road rash, I was able to connect with my run again. I carried Boston with me. 

This was as close as I could come to wearing blue and yellow. My feet really matched my shorts, which made me smile.

Will keep Boston in my thoughts for a long time. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Re-Cap

Total Miles Run: 11 miles

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles

Nothing fancy. I ran at the track, and occasionally tried to throw in a speedier lap, but it wasn't exactly speed work.

Wednesday: Elliptical and strength

*20 mins or so of elliptical
*2 sets of 8 two-handed pistol squats on the Smith machine (so, using a bar instead of a hanging rope like I usually do) and then 1 set of 3 one-handed pistol squats (HARD!)
*1 set of 10 wood-chops on the cable machine
*3 sets of 5 jumping pull-ups
*3 sets of 5 assisted pull-ups
*planks on bosu ball (30 secs w/ both legs, 30 secs w/ rt leg, 30 secs w/ left leg)
*toe push-ups on bosu ball (I really couldn't do these. My arms were toast!)
*straight leg raises on the Roman chair. My trainer pushed my legs down when I got to the top of the leg raise and I wasn't supposed to let my legs fall back down straight in line with my body. Super tough.

Jumping Pull-up
This is kind of a weird video, but it's a good example of how I learned to do jumping pull-ups at the gym. Start your jump with arms EXTENDED, which means your knees will be bent. If the bar is higher up, you can stand on a box. Then SLOWLY lower yourself back down. 

It was so nice to work with my trainer again. I got a free session because my friend signed up to train with her, so today was my free day! I came armed with tons of questions and ready to learn a few new moves. My fun, random goal right now is that I want to do a pull-up. Just one. But if I can pull my chin up to the bar using my crazy long arms, I will feel pretty darn accomplished! So I talked to my trainer about learning how to do one and we worked a lot on that. She also talked to me about switching up how many reps I do in my sets. I can start lifting heavier weights if I go down to 3 sets of 8 or 5 sets of 5, so I'm going to play with that a little bit!

Thursday: Run 3.5 miles

I am struggling with how to properly eat before runs. One of my favorite things about cross training and strength training is that I could do those activities without worrying about how much I had eaten, when I had eaten, what I had eaten. With running, even a short little run is affected by all of these things. So, I already wasn't feeling great before I set out on this run and expected it to be just miserable. Even after lacing up my sneakers I seriously contemplated scrapping the whole thing. But I went anyways, and as always happens, I was glad I did by the time I finished.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.5 miles

I ran with my friend Michael and he is too fast for me now! It was so annoying to have to work so hard to keep up. Anyways, it was still super nice to be out there again with my friend and we had a great run overall.

Sunday: Strength

*10 min warm-up on elliptical
*3 sets of 5 jumping pull-ups (it only takes 2 or 3 before I'm TOAST)
*pistol squats w/ the bar (2 sets of 8 w/ 2 hands, 1 set of 3 w/ 1 hand)
*3 sets of 10 back squats superset w/ bent-over rows. 1st 2 sets w/ 35#, last set w/ 45# barbell
*3 sets of 8 leg presses. 1st set w/ no weight, 2nd set w/ 10#, 3rd set w/ 20#
*3 sets of 10 wood chops on cable machine (my trainer called these wood chops, but when I looked up the video they seemed to generally be referred to as cable trunk twists)
*2 sets of planks w/ hands on bosu ball. 30 secs both legs down, 30 secs w/ rt leg up, 30 secs w/ left leg up is one set
*3 sets of 8 Russian twists w/ 25# plate

Cable Trunk Twist/Wood Chop
My trainer has me put my legs a little further apart than this, but otherwise it's pretty much the same! 

I felt really weak and shaky at the beginning of this workout. Not sure what was up, but I felt much better by the end. On Wednesday my trainer said to try and set a PR in some way in every workout, so either do more reps of something or lift a little heavier weight. My PR in this workout was doing a leg press with 65 lbs (20# added to the 45# weight of the machine). People don't talk to me too much in the gym, and I am way too nervous to talk to anyone else, but today a guy smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to use the squat rack as he was finishing up with it. He must have seen me using the barbells across the room and thought I might be waiting for him? Anyways, I chuckled and said I was all done, but thanks. It is nice when people in the weight room are nice to you. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ol' Short Leg, They Called Me

On Thursday I had my appointment with an orthopedic specialist. She was pretty awesome, I liked her a lot. Although my appointment took way longer than I had planned for it to, I felt like we covered a great deal of ground. Of course, we still didn't cover everything, but it was a great start.

My doctor took some x-rays while I was there and it turns out I actually have one leg shorter than the other! I find this discovery fascinating mostly because I have had three physical therapists check my leg length and say it was fine. Apparently it isn't off by much, and obviously was only picked up on by an x-ray, but it's important information. She also re-confirmed my wonky pelvis and discovered one of my sockets where the femoral head fits in is "shallow". Sheesh. In addition, she suspects I might have issues in my back that haven't made themselves known yet so she is sending me in for an MRI on my back. I just loved my "Steve Miller Band" MRI so much, I am just dying to go back for another one. Okay, not really. Not at all, actually. She referred me to a different MRI place, though, and it looks like this one has three things going for it my other place did not: 1. satellite radio (no Steve Miller Band!), 2. optional sedation, 3. you can bring someone in the MRI room with you. Wait, the 4th thing is that it is way closer to home. 

She said after a little more sorting things out she will have a better idea of how much I am going to be able to to run from here on out. 

My favorite analogy she gave about my condition is that if you had a car that was an old rusty jallopy that you only drove back and forth to church on Sunday, it wouldn't really be a problem. But if you had a fancy BMW that you wanted to drive at high speed down the interstate and the alignment was a little off, it would throw off the whole car. If you haven't gathered, my body is the BMW in this particular analogy, haha.  

I could have probably lived my whole life not having difficulty from these random issues, like a leg-length discrepancy and a wonky pelvis, if all I wanted to do was tool around a little bit and not require too much from my body. But because I DO want to be active, I am going to suffer for it. 

Who knew that wanting to be healthy would cause so much more pain and would require about 100 times the amount of doctor's appointments as being a couch potato?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Less Recent Instagram Photos

Some of these are from a few weeks ago, but I still love all of them, of course!

Eloise has a Buzz Lightyear toy that lost part of it's helmet. She posted LOST posters around the house. Sadly, the helmet part has yet to be found.

I went on an early-morning coffee date with my big girl. She still gets warm vanilla milk with whipped cream. I wonder how long before she switches to black coffee?

Eloise learned how to blow bubbles! This was her first big one. 

Iris made a new friend, also a stunning redhead. They colored in this flower together with chalk. 

Eloise's class all dressed as their favorite book character. She was Elephant and her best friend was Piggie. It was crazy adorable. 

On a recent zoo field trip with my favorite first graders, we got to see the mama lion and her cubs!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Me and My Wonky Pelvis

Have you heard this one before? I read it somewhere on Facebook today and I had to laugh. If only . . . . I thought. Running has been by leaps and bounds the most expensive undertaking I have ever, well, undertook. Next to raising kids . . . maybe. 

For me it's not even the gear. Everyone likes to say that running is a cheap sport, but not really. Not if you like the shoes and watches and the clothes and the socks and the water bottles and and and and. But it's not that. It's that when you are a runner, and you are perpetually injured, the amount of money it takes to get help is pretty shocking. Even with insurance. The physical therapy appointments, the massage appointments, the specialists, the gear specifically for treating injuries, it ain't cheap folks. If we couldn't afford it, I literally would not be running anymore. I would be too injured, and too broke, to run at all. 

And things brings me to my PT appointment this week. My usual PT was on maternity leave for what seemed to me like an enternity, and I finally got to see her again yesterday. One of the very first things she noted about me way back last July when I first saw her was that I had an unstable pelvis. And yesterday? She discovered it's still giving me problems. Here I thought with all of the exercises I have done, all of the strength training, all of the cleaning up my form, I thought my pelvis was golden. Nope. In that respect I am back to square one. Or still at square one? Not sure. 

What is an unstable pelvis you ask? When I run, or squat, or stand on one leg, or whathaveyou, my pelvis goes all skeewampus instead of staying level. 

And what does an unstable pelvis do when I run? Fix Your Run has an answer to that. And yes, I look like that first picture when I run, apparently no matter how hard I try not to. 

While I don't think fixing this issue is going to cure all that ails me, I think it's a start. At least, I hope so. 

This week I also am going to see an orthopedic specialist who will hopefully look at my entire system to see if there is anything else that isn't sports-related that is contributing to my constant injuries. I am keeping my fingers crossed! 

One other thing that my PT tried, which I am not sure if it helped at all, is something called ASTYM. If you haven't heard of this, it is a treatment where the therapist uses these funny little plastic tools and runs them over your muscles to help encourage the scar tissue to break up and to start behaving nicely. My PT described it as if the muscles were all knotted up like cooked spaghetti, ASTYM helps them to lay nice and orderly and flat again like dry, uncooked noodles. 

Now, I just had this done once, on my cranky hamstring area, and I feel no different. Not sure what that means! I am definitely willing to try it again, though, especially on my feet and my IT band, which I heard it works well on. 

Have you ever tried ASTYM? Ever had an unstable pelvis? Any success stories to share of overcoming a mountain of injuries? 

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Few Recent Instagram Photos

I realized that I wanted to get a little better about sharing my instagram pictures on here! 

We found HUGE carrots in the garden that had been in there since last summer! 

We love bubble tea. One of my favorite things about it are the cute lids on the cups!

After the Easter church service at Grandma's the girls cleaned up at the egg hunt! 

There goes Eloise, off to find eggs! A broken arm won't slow this girl down.

Iris obliging my request to take her picture during the egg hunt. 

These trees line a street near out house and I just love them. They only look like this for about a week, then the petals blow everywhere.  

See what I mean??? This was shot less than a week later! 

This is our dog, Heidi. I have been trying to take her on more morning walks, so this is her "oh thank you!" face. With dew drops. 

Is your instagram feed as full of pics of your children as mine is?

Monday, April 08, 2013

Best Night Ever

Tonight I asked my littler girl, Eloise, if she wanted to take a walk with me and our dog after dinner. She enthusiastically agreed, as I suspected she would considering she is basically up for anything, so off we went. We ended up exploring around a creek and Eloise discovered a bunch of golf balls in the water! Working together, we managed to fish 20 golf balls out. She kept saying how she could not believe I was letting her not only get the golf balls out, but take them home, too! Later she declared it was the best day of her whole life. Who knew? I don't need to buy my daughter fancy toys or take her on exciting trips, I just need to go down to the creek and fish out golf balls.

We came home very muddy, but I kinda think it made her pretty happy.

In this photo you can see part of her cast. Every day we talk about how many more days before it comes off! In case you were wondering, it's 10.

Have you been on any fun random adventures with your kids lately? 

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-Up

Miles Run: 10.5! (Yay! More than 10 miles!)

Monday: 3 miles

I started this run feeling sluggish. My legs just don't feel like they have any strength, which is so weird because I KNOW I have gained strength from strength training! I remembered my trainer said to me that she guessed that my problem with endurance and speed when running wasn't because of my cardiovascular endurance. She guessed that my legs got tired before I felt winded enough to stop and was dead-on. I included a slight hill in my run today and even going up that I wasn't breathing hard but my legs felt heavy. Of course, that could be from not having run in the past four weeks, or from my myriad of injuries, or, of course, from my lack of power in my lower half. 

That said, by the end of the run I felt pretty good. I didn't even wear my Garmin on this run, I knew how far 3 miles was, so I couldn't even pretend to notice my pace!

Tuesday: Strength

*5 mins warm-up on elliptical
*10 mins HIIT on row machine
*3 sets of 10 thrusters superset w/ 3 sets of 10 clean and presses. All w/ 35# barbell.
*3 sets of 10 pistol squats superset w/ 8 hanging knee raises. (I am working on getting my knees to my elbows, just like in Crossfit!)
*3 sets of 10 medicine ball push-ups

Knees to elbows Crossfit move. I can get my knees up to my boobs, that's about it, haha. This is definitely one move that I am seeing dramatic improvement in each time I perform it, though!

Wednesday: 3.5 miles

This run felt pretty good! Very slow, like the Sunday drive of the running world, so there was lots of just hanging out, enjoying the ride for what it was.

Thursday: Strength

*10 mins warm-up on elliptical (I always use my elliptical warm-up to plan my workout for the day. Kind of fun to just see what I can put together based on my mood.)
*3 sets of 10 assisted pull-ups
*3 sets of 8 leg lifts on the Roman chair
*3 sets of 10 back squats superset w/ 3 sets of 10 bent-over rows w/ 35#/45#/45# barbells for each set
*3 sets of 8 leg presses w/ just 10# added for the last set
*3 sets of 10 Russian twists w/ 25# hand weight
*3 sets of 10 chest flys w/ 10#/12#/12# hand weights

How to use a Roman chair. Pretty good ab workout! 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Elliptical and Strength

It took Sarah and I for.ev.er. to do this workout! Except for the elliptical and bosu ball planks, we take turns on each set, so it takes almost twice as long together as it would doing it alone. But you know what else? Working out with a friend is twice as fun, if not maybe a million times more fun, so it all works out quite well!

*20 mins elliptical
* 3 sets of 10 assisted pull-ups
*3 sets of 8 chest flys the Freemotion machine w/ 10# each
*3 sets of 10 lat pull-downs on the Freemotion matchine w/ 15#/17.5#/17.5#
*3 sets of 8 leg presses w/ no wt added first two then 10# added last one
*2 sets of 8 bench presses w/ 45# bar
*1 set of 3 bench presses w/ 55# bar (these were hard, but I did all three!)
*3 sets of 10 planks on the bosu ball

Sunday: 4 miles run

It was raining, but I got it in! I wear my rain jacket for running maybe five times a year, but I am so glad to have it when I needed it! I listened to the Another Mother Runner podcast interview with Kara Goucher as I ran, which provided some pretty fantastic motivation. 

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Back on My Feet

In case you haven't heard, the weather in Seattle has been glorious for, oh, at least the past week. In the 60's, reaching in to the 70's, very little rain, flowers are blooming . . . it's incredible. Of course I am all that much more excited about the weather because this week I get to RUN again! Yahoo! 

Last Saturday I did about 2 1/2 miles, Monday I did 3 miles, today I did 3 1/2 miles. If I can do 4 this Sunday, and keep progressing onward, I will be on track for the Seattle RnR half. But don't hold your breath, lord knows I'm not.

This morning I walked my girls, along with our pooch, Heidi, down to the bus stop. After the girls got on the bus I decided that 1/2 a block wasn't a long enough walk for the dog so we headed out for a jaunt that took us on a path by a creek. It was really lovely, and I am sure our extremely under-exercised dog appreciated it! So that was at least a mile right there. After I got home and was on my feet doing chores and then it was time to head out for my run. This might have been my slowest run to date, but you know what? It felt pretty good. Once I churned out 3 1/2 miles it was time to get ready to go to school for some volunteering with the first graders. I love my volunteer days! Since it was so nice out, I decided to walk to school. Another 1/2 mile there . . . . and then I was on my feet all afternoon before a 1/2 mile walk home . . . . yeah. My feet were feeling it by the end of the day. My daughter was asking me to play with her when we got home and I had to say "sorry kid, mama's icing her feet." I feel so old. So, so old. 

5 1/2 miles total down today, though, so that feels good. Who knows, it might bite me in the ass tomorrow (or the feet, as it were), but it was amazing to get so much sun today when normally I am just not outside that much. 

And totally switching gears, have I told you yet about the site Girls Gone Strong? I probably have, but it's worth repeating. It is a great site. I have "liked" them on Facebook and follow GGS as well as each of the girls on Twitter. They are a wonderful source of inspiration and information. Tonight I read the free PDFs that you get for signing up for their newsletter (which doesn't come very often and isn't a headache at all) and learned some lifting tips as well as got some healthy new recipe ideas. Anyways, if you are a woman interested in lifting weights, you will love this site. 

Man, typing that last sentence made me realize it was a complete rip-off from my 3rd grader's persuasive writing lesson. Sorry 'bout that. Not too creative this time of night!