Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Few Recent Instagram Photos

I realized that I wanted to get a little better about sharing my instagram pictures on here! 

We found HUGE carrots in the garden that had been in there since last summer! 

We love bubble tea. One of my favorite things about it are the cute lids on the cups!

After the Easter church service at Grandma's the girls cleaned up at the egg hunt! 

There goes Eloise, off to find eggs! A broken arm won't slow this girl down.

Iris obliging my request to take her picture during the egg hunt. 

These trees line a street near out house and I just love them. They only look like this for about a week, then the petals blow everywhere.  

See what I mean??? This was shot less than a week later! 

This is our dog, Heidi. I have been trying to take her on more morning walks, so this is her "oh thank you!" face. With dew drops. 

Is your instagram feed as full of pics of your children as mine is?

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