Monday, April 08, 2013

Best Night Ever

Tonight I asked my littler girl, Eloise, if she wanted to take a walk with me and our dog after dinner. She enthusiastically agreed, as I suspected she would considering she is basically up for anything, so off we went. We ended up exploring around a creek and Eloise discovered a bunch of golf balls in the water! Working together, we managed to fish 20 golf balls out. She kept saying how she could not believe I was letting her not only get the golf balls out, but take them home, too! Later she declared it was the best day of her whole life. Who knew? I don't need to buy my daughter fancy toys or take her on exciting trips, I just need to go down to the creek and fish out golf balls.

We came home very muddy, but I kinda think it made her pretty happy.

In this photo you can see part of her cast. Every day we talk about how many more days before it comes off! In case you were wondering, it's 10.

Have you been on any fun random adventures with your kids lately? 

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  1. I love this story and picture Sybil. Great reminder that connecting with your kids is more important than the activity itself.


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