Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ol' Short Leg, They Called Me

On Thursday I had my appointment with an orthopedic specialist. She was pretty awesome, I liked her a lot. Although my appointment took way longer than I had planned for it to, I felt like we covered a great deal of ground. Of course, we still didn't cover everything, but it was a great start.

My doctor took some x-rays while I was there and it turns out I actually have one leg shorter than the other! I find this discovery fascinating mostly because I have had three physical therapists check my leg length and say it was fine. Apparently it isn't off by much, and obviously was only picked up on by an x-ray, but it's important information. She also re-confirmed my wonky pelvis and discovered one of my sockets where the femoral head fits in is "shallow". Sheesh. In addition, she suspects I might have issues in my back that haven't made themselves known yet so she is sending me in for an MRI on my back. I just loved my "Steve Miller Band" MRI so much, I am just dying to go back for another one. Okay, not really. Not at all, actually. She referred me to a different MRI place, though, and it looks like this one has three things going for it my other place did not: 1. satellite radio (no Steve Miller Band!), 2. optional sedation, 3. you can bring someone in the MRI room with you. Wait, the 4th thing is that it is way closer to home. 

She said after a little more sorting things out she will have a better idea of how much I am going to be able to to run from here on out. 

My favorite analogy she gave about my condition is that if you had a car that was an old rusty jallopy that you only drove back and forth to church on Sunday, it wouldn't really be a problem. But if you had a fancy BMW that you wanted to drive at high speed down the interstate and the alignment was a little off, it would throw off the whole car. If you haven't gathered, my body is the BMW in this particular analogy, haha.  

I could have probably lived my whole life not having difficulty from these random issues, like a leg-length discrepancy and a wonky pelvis, if all I wanted to do was tool around a little bit and not require too much from my body. But because I DO want to be active, I am going to suffer for it. 

Who knew that wanting to be healthy would cause so much more pain and would require about 100 times the amount of doctor's appointments as being a couch potato?

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