Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Thousand!!!

Tonight I went for a four mile run. At the end of my third mile I hit 1,000 miles run since I started logging on Dailymile, which I did pretty much from day one. Obviously I've run more than 1,000 miles total in my life, but it definitely feels momentous to have officially logged that much time running. 

Here's Proof! 

Interestingly, as soon as I hit mile three of my run tonight, I was hit with a wicked side cramp that I could not get rid of. I walked/ran the rest of the way home, simultaneously cursing my side and thinking that if I could have, I would have just kept on running. It was a gorgeous night. I kept my pace really easy, focused on my form and my turnover and though my left knee constantly threatened mutiny at any moment, I felt like a million bucks. Or maybe a thousand bucks? Haha. 

I wish that I had hit 1,000 miles, oh, about 6 months ago, but what could I do about it? Not much. 

It feels like almost every time I run the most difficult step is literally my first one out the door. It is so weird, because I never end a run feeling like I wish I hadn't gone (isn't that true of all runners?) and so I can't figure out the disconnect in my brain. Why, if running is so pleasurable, is it usually so hard to get out and do it? Tonight I was too cold, too tired, too hungry . . . but once I got out there I was so happy! 

What gives?!

So, in honor of my 1,000th mile I am going to, uh . . . . do what? I don't know. I should have planned better!  

Any suggestions for marking the milestone?


  1. Congrats!!! 1000 miles!! That is crazy. :) Maybe celebrate with another little charm or something for your running necklace?? Have a great day, Sybil!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! That is a great idea. My beautiful necklace is getting so tarnished I never wear it anymore :( I should figure out how to clean it and order a new charm!


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