Sunday, April 14, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Re-Cap

Total Miles Run: 11 miles

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles

Nothing fancy. I ran at the track, and occasionally tried to throw in a speedier lap, but it wasn't exactly speed work.

Wednesday: Elliptical and strength

*20 mins or so of elliptical
*2 sets of 8 two-handed pistol squats on the Smith machine (so, using a bar instead of a hanging rope like I usually do) and then 1 set of 3 one-handed pistol squats (HARD!)
*1 set of 10 wood-chops on the cable machine
*3 sets of 5 jumping pull-ups
*3 sets of 5 assisted pull-ups
*planks on bosu ball (30 secs w/ both legs, 30 secs w/ rt leg, 30 secs w/ left leg)
*toe push-ups on bosu ball (I really couldn't do these. My arms were toast!)
*straight leg raises on the Roman chair. My trainer pushed my legs down when I got to the top of the leg raise and I wasn't supposed to let my legs fall back down straight in line with my body. Super tough.

Jumping Pull-up
This is kind of a weird video, but it's a good example of how I learned to do jumping pull-ups at the gym. Start your jump with arms EXTENDED, which means your knees will be bent. If the bar is higher up, you can stand on a box. Then SLOWLY lower yourself back down. 

It was so nice to work with my trainer again. I got a free session because my friend signed up to train with her, so today was my free day! I came armed with tons of questions and ready to learn a few new moves. My fun, random goal right now is that I want to do a pull-up. Just one. But if I can pull my chin up to the bar using my crazy long arms, I will feel pretty darn accomplished! So I talked to my trainer about learning how to do one and we worked a lot on that. She also talked to me about switching up how many reps I do in my sets. I can start lifting heavier weights if I go down to 3 sets of 8 or 5 sets of 5, so I'm going to play with that a little bit!

Thursday: Run 3.5 miles

I am struggling with how to properly eat before runs. One of my favorite things about cross training and strength training is that I could do those activities without worrying about how much I had eaten, when I had eaten, what I had eaten. With running, even a short little run is affected by all of these things. So, I already wasn't feeling great before I set out on this run and expected it to be just miserable. Even after lacing up my sneakers I seriously contemplated scrapping the whole thing. But I went anyways, and as always happens, I was glad I did by the time I finished.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.5 miles

I ran with my friend Michael and he is too fast for me now! It was so annoying to have to work so hard to keep up. Anyways, it was still super nice to be out there again with my friend and we had a great run overall.

Sunday: Strength

*10 min warm-up on elliptical
*3 sets of 5 jumping pull-ups (it only takes 2 or 3 before I'm TOAST)
*pistol squats w/ the bar (2 sets of 8 w/ 2 hands, 1 set of 3 w/ 1 hand)
*3 sets of 10 back squats superset w/ bent-over rows. 1st 2 sets w/ 35#, last set w/ 45# barbell
*3 sets of 8 leg presses. 1st set w/ no weight, 2nd set w/ 10#, 3rd set w/ 20#
*3 sets of 10 wood chops on cable machine (my trainer called these wood chops, but when I looked up the video they seemed to generally be referred to as cable trunk twists)
*2 sets of planks w/ hands on bosu ball. 30 secs both legs down, 30 secs w/ rt leg up, 30 secs w/ left leg up is one set
*3 sets of 8 Russian twists w/ 25# plate

Cable Trunk Twist/Wood Chop
My trainer has me put my legs a little further apart than this, but otherwise it's pretty much the same! 

I felt really weak and shaky at the beginning of this workout. Not sure what was up, but I felt much better by the end. On Wednesday my trainer said to try and set a PR in some way in every workout, so either do more reps of something or lift a little heavier weight. My PR in this workout was doing a leg press with 65 lbs (20# added to the 45# weight of the machine). People don't talk to me too much in the gym, and I am way too nervous to talk to anyone else, but today a guy smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to use the squat rack as he was finishing up with it. He must have seen me using the barbells across the room and thought I might be waiting for him? Anyways, I chuckled and said I was all done, but thanks. It is nice when people in the weight room are nice to you. 

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