Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Less Recent Instagram Photos

Some of these are from a few weeks ago, but I still love all of them, of course!

Eloise has a Buzz Lightyear toy that lost part of it's helmet. She posted LOST posters around the house. Sadly, the helmet part has yet to be found.

I went on an early-morning coffee date with my big girl. She still gets warm vanilla milk with whipped cream. I wonder how long before she switches to black coffee?

Eloise learned how to blow bubbles! This was her first big one. 

Iris made a new friend, also a stunning redhead. They colored in this flower together with chalk. 

Eloise's class all dressed as their favorite book character. She was Elephant and her best friend was Piggie. It was crazy adorable. 

On a recent zoo field trip with my favorite first graders, we got to see the mama lion and her cubs!

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