Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Few Little Things

Last weekend my husband, the girls and I ran walked in The Color Run. It was fun, and better organized than last year. It's so darn expensive, but it's a fun active family activity, especially for Mother's Day (it's been held on Mother's Day the past two years in Seattle). We followed it up with a trip to Top Pot Donuts, which I may or may not have looked forward to doing just as much as the run. Maple frosted old-fashioned. Mmmm.

My girls all colorific.

Iris rinsing off in the fountain.

Some new highlights, courtesy of The Color Run.

Have I talked much about my new haircut? I have been going back and forth on it, but I think I finally decided that I like it. It looks the best the day after I've washed it. I am seriously in to the "bed head" look, so anything that isn't too done up is a-okay with me. I like how it looks in this picture, though. Orange streak and all! Maybe I should bring this photo to my stylist and have her re-create it? Ha ha.

I hung up this picture last weekend. It's a charcoal/watercolor picture my oldest daughter did in kindergarten. She's finishing third grade now. As you can probably tell, I am extremely prompt. To my credit, I also hung a pastel drawing my younger daughter did just last year. This is a funny photo, though. I chose this instagram filter because it kept the colors of the artwork relatively true, but in the process it completely changed our wall color. The wall is a sort of sage-y green. It does look nice with the art, I think. I also hung two photographs from our Hawaii trip two years ago. 

Oh! Speaking of hair, Eloise asked me to straighten her hair with the flat iron a couple of weeks ago. She loved it, but it looked pretty crazy. The back was a mess, since her hair is so dang curly, it is cut to show off the curls (well, I am the one who cuts it, and I do my best). When it was straightened it looked like I cut her hair blind-folded with pruning shears. 

I don't think hair necessarily makes the person, but when it comes to my girls, their hair is an integral part of who they are. My redhead has a personality to match, and my crazy curly haired girl definitely has the personality to match! 

My hair has been pretty darn straight my whole life, but recently it's started to get curly around the nape of my neck. It's really strange! 

How about you? Does your hair give much insight in to who you are? 

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  1. Sybil, sounds as though y'all had fun! There are two races I won't do: color and mud :)~


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