Thursday, May 09, 2013

Is it Time to Give Up Running? Part 2

Today I saw my orthopedic doctor again, and we went over the results of my recent MRI and chatted about my future as a runner. It was a bleak appointment, to say the least.

Let's see, where to start.

The MRI of my lower back was relatively unremarkable. Some pinched nerve action going on in L5, but nothing dramatic. As my PT pointed out, if you took an MRI of every person's back, they would probably have something at least slightly off-balance. My doctor thought that pinched nerve might be contributing to a couple of things, but not necessarily and it certainly doesn't explain everything.

Her next piece of advice was that I needed to stop running for "a few months" and take that time off running to strengthen my body where it's weak without further aggravating things by continuing to run. She also went on to say that maybe I wasn't cut out to be a runner and I might want to find some other activity that interests me. She thought it would save me a lot of time and money on doctor's visits to try and fix my body enough to keep running. And she's right, it would, but that isn't really the point, now is it?

If this sounds familiar, I have written about it before, because it was the same advice my podiatrist gave me. 

You can probably imagine how defeated it felt to hear that advice, again. I didn't go to the doctor to be told to stop running. In fact, it really surprised me that this was her advice for me upon our second meeting. Wasn't she at least going to try something? She did refer me on to to a  PT who can do a gait analysis, fit me for custom orthotics and do something called muscle activation technique. 

I came home and got in touch with my current PT and told her everything. I love my PT, but she can't do everything I need to have done in order to get better. I love a lot of things about her, but most of all, I love how supportive she is of me. She has never once told me to stop running (except when I was acutely injured).

Anyways, I am starting to kind of mentally go off in another direction with all of this. Maybe I can approach my issues from another angle. That isn't just fixing my "broken" parts. Maybe I need to look more closely at my diet, or something. I was thinking of visiting with my naturopath to see what she thinks.

I have had two PTs, a massage therapist, 2 acupuncturists, and 2 different doctors work on me with very limited results. I might need to just start broadening my horizons. 

One thing I was wondering about was an anti-inflammatory diet. Have you ever heard of this? It is funny, when I read up on it, it was basically about eliminating refined, high-fat foods and red meat and then things that you may be sensitive to, like gluten or whatever. The funny thing is that this sounds like a healthy diet for pretty much anything, not just inflammation. 

Anyways, onward and upward! 


  1. ((Hugs)) It is so frustrating when your body doesn't cooperate. :(

    On another note red meat has reputation for inflammation, but in fact, a very fatty red meat is actually slightly anti-inflammatory. The nutrition database has a field for inflammation factor that you can check out.

    1. Thanks Laura! That is interesting about the red meat. Thanks for the tip!


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