Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Run and Kids Yoga

On Sunday morning I did the longest run I have done since last July. In July I think the run was about 12 miles and the last half were with pretty excruciating knee pain. I didn't know at the time it was my IT band that was causing me so much knee pain, but I soon figured it out.

This morning the plan was to do 7.5-8 miles with my friend Michael. I was tired of the spectacular Puget Sound views from my own 'hood (I know, I know, a lame thing to complain about!) so I met Michael up in his 'hood and he took me on a very hilly route. We ended up going a bit long, finishing with 8.7 miles. 

There were many awesome things about this run, but two highlights are: 

*no knee pain at all
*only a little bit a of a tight hamstring

I also dominated the hills, they honestly didn't even affect me. The only thing I think I can attribute this to is all of my strength training, especially those back squats! It makes me think I might be more ready than I thought for the Seattle Rock-n-Roll hills, even though I haven't been training on hills at all. 

Elevation profile of our run. Usually my runs vary, literally, about 10 feet. If that. 

My favorite moment of the run was charging up that hill at mile 6 and passing a yard with a little boy, maybe 2-3 years old, and his dad. When the boy saw us he started shouting "Look at my digger! Look at my digger!" and jumping around. He had a remote controlled digger, which, if I know young boys at all, might just be the coolest toy a little boy could ever have. 

When I came home it was time shove every food  I could find in my mouth, appease my 6 year old with a game of Fibber (hate that game!) and then lay down on the couch while she did yoga. She didn't want to do the only yoga DVD we have, so I looked on YouTube for her and found a cool yoga series called Cosmic Kids Yoga. They aren't fancy, but the woman who does the yoga takes kids on an adventure through the 11 or so minute episode. The first one Eloise did they went under the sea and met mermaids and opened a treasure chest. 

This is the second one Eloise did, about Enzo the bee:

These would be fun videos for kids as young as 3, I think. 

Have you discovered any fun yoga videos for kids online? 

I might need more videos to keep my kids occupied as my runs get longer, ha! 

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