Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mid-week Run With Another New Buddy

I am starting to really like this new set up I have created. On Sunday Iris joined me for 8.5 miles, her on her bike, me running. On Tuesday Eloise joined me for 5 miles, she on her BRAND SPANKIN' NEW (to her) bike and me running. 

Side note: I gotta say, I love craigslist when it actually comes through for you. Sometimes CL is the biggest headache in the world, but when you score a deal, it's all worth it. We bought her this bike below, and I contacted the seller 15 minutes after he posted his ad. The bike is a 2012 Specialized and it retails for about $250 and we got it for under $100. Yay! Her big sister got the 24" model of this bike last fall (from a bike store, luckily it's value will come from being handed down), and they are practically twins. In fact, when Eloise saw the bike in the car, she thought it was her sister's!

Silly me got zero pictures of Eloise actually ON the bike. Soon. Here we are pre-ride, though!

Ready to go!

I was a little nervous, as Eloise just got her new 20" bike the previous afternoon -- before this she had been riding a much to small for her 16"-- and had never in her life ridden 5 miles. We gave it a shot, though, and it went really well! She obeyed the rule of staying to the right on Alki Trail and after riding what was quite a ways in front of me, would stop and wait for me to catch up. Iris didn't ever get as far away as Eloise did, but that sums up their personalities pretty well. 

A beautiful night to be down on Alki.

At the halfway point of the ride/run we stopped so Eloise could throw rocks in the water and thoroughly soak her feet and rain boots. Ah, kids. A funny side note about her helmet: on  the night she got her bike she was so excited that she didn't take her helmet off the whole night. She wore it to Trader Joe's and even fell asleep with it on! Oh, and the helmet wasn't new, only the bike. 

Chasing after a kid on a bike is basically a great tempo run. Well, except for all of the stops. We stopped several times, but all of the running in between was pretty darn speedy. 

I am a self-professed bike hater, but I think I might grow to love this new arrangement of the bike/run! 

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